iPhone 5 Video Review

The iPhone 5 is here. Was it worth the wait?
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for iPhone 5 Video Review
And. Yeah. There's been so much hype around -- iPhone 5 and on the -- -- to. You -- people bought this boat sight unseen -- apple typically made such great product. Does that many of them didn't even know what the new features work or how good this -- really wide. So is the iPhone 5 be best phone on the market and is a worthwhile upgrade. I five -- a beautiful aluminum body that actually makes you want to hold the phone more than ever did before. Seriously I don't want to put this thing down -- -- it. It's also later and you really do feel the difference in your pocket but -- some might think out of your pocket if it more than it now has a larger 483. It's the biggest thing doesn't make it awkward to hold down like some large and in charge and right it's just -- -- The higher resolution allows for extra rows of icons and more -- -- -- website immediately. -- also noticed this down here is completely different dot. Actors caught lightning and now comes with eight different court is thousand obviously means he can throw away all your home court. Okay maybe not this one has -- need it for my iPad and maybe not this one either because I thirty dollar adapter -- -- -- to this to work with that I. But a lot of improvements he can't actually -- -- looking at the even though the phone is thinner and lighter it -- a faster processor inside out TE for faster web browsing data. I've been testing the eighteenth he -- and you just see how fast web sites pop up Apple's new map app also renders really quickly. People still do make phone because I did find the boy's body being really good as a phone and you can also is now making time -- over three G and help. The front facing one point two megapixel camera captures much crisper shots that before. Eight megapixel camera on the back though has only been slightly updated -- better low light shots. But honestly doesn't seem not much better than the iPhone four S and they're also some changes that countless software I was six brings -- -- -- photos. Also Apple's new maps app FaceBook integration and half which lets you play in all your loyalty cards and boarding passes into one half. My favorite though is the ability to turn on -- not -- their -- up on your notifications when -- him eating or sleeping. Also -- has learned a bit more about sports and movies and seems to understand things better. -- -- does not out there. Well and she's getting out of it full of herself. Now some LAPD even as good as this the best android phone on the market without PS3 and that I won't say -- That's because yes we might have more features than the iPhone 5 is a lot prettier don't look at and a lot easier -- -- And that really is the main take -- especially for those people on the streets the iPhone 5 really is the best Smart. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The iPhone 5 is here. Was it worth the wait? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"17291997","title":"iPhone 5 Video Review ","url":"/Technology/video/iphone-video-review-17291997"}