L.A. Bakery Introduces Cupcake Vending Machine

Sprinkles' vending machine works like an ATM that dispenses cupcakes.
0:56 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for L.A. Bakery Introduces Cupcake Vending Machine
-- we've all had that late night craving where well and I. Definitely dead I was pregnant with my second child and I thought you know I'm the owner -- a cupcake bakery and even hiking get -- cut cake in the middle of the night. Fell dreamt of this idea -- -- very -- -- alliance it's also like an ATM -- you just use your credit card and you get. Instant gratification. It's high tech it's it's really -- wave of the future -- -- robotic arm and it finds your cupcake. And -- -- -- you can see it working behind the scenes on -- touch screen we just recently had to. Increase our hours that -- open because there are a lot of people and there's a lot of demand after you know dinner you wanna have Kagan. But we can't be open all night long because the bar for employees -- just stop it crashed before they leave -- the -- and it'll be good to. -- -- -- Try to make it. I think it's a great idea he could never have too much access to your cupcakes.

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{"id":15859835,"title":"L.A. Bakery Introduces Cupcake Vending Machine","duration":"0:56","description":"Sprinkles' vending machine works like an ATM that dispenses cupcakes.","url":"/Technology/video/la-bakery-introduces-cupcake-vending-machine-15859835","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}