Laptop Buying: What You Get For Your Money

Before you buy a laptop, you'll want to watch this video.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Laptop Buying: What You Get For Your Money
And yeah. Yeah. Surrounded by laptops here at his best buy New York City from a fight mode -- with a laptop C. And one of the most confusing thing here is the price of flat topped over there their -- for 400 dollars over -- 800 dollars. Over here from laptops -- more than a thousand or 2000 dollars and the question is what you actually get for your money sure there are -- people. Insert here that would help you but before even head to the story you wouldn't know what exactly you need and what. Fat so don't let those bleachers -- -- and -- you -- and a laptop he beat. -- At the bottom bracket at -- -- 30600. Dollars of budget laptops means you're going to sacrifice I'm design back. Let's not in this price -- typically have an older -- -- -- based Intel processor. No more than 46 exit ramp. 500 gigabyte hard drive space and cheaper part. The fine for basic web surfing word processing but not video editing are heavy game. Think he over here at the HPG six -- one of the best examples of this sort of budget laptop it's made entirely of plastic. HP actually did a pretty nice job on the keyboard. At 359 dollars is actually one of the best -- systems out there. Don't have -- laptops 60900. Dollars at most laptops -- it. Laptops typically put you at eight -- write -- or core I five processor from Intel. 68 gigabytes of ram and a bit more hard drive space -- can even find out with its graphics are better graphics card. The make -- this system will also be better than the previous price range but it's sort of like a mid range car. Design might be good but you might not get that leather interior. To take this -- right here that caught 659. Dollars at a greater rate expects actually got a one terabyte hard -- a lot of storage space. It's also -- a much nicer build quality -- that HP we looked out over there. Getting into the higher at lap tops your pinky finger hit on your wallet we're talking about laptops to 912100. Dollars. This is the ideal price range you're looking for a higher performance that he -- with -- core I seven processor. And discrete graphics it's also where you really start to get a very -- you feel that that's the biggest difference here. -- two types of laptops -- estranged. Most of the -- books are 999. Dollars they don't have these guys they are very and it might have faster hard drive. Then there are bigger mainstream systems in this -- streak which we'll have a great graphics high resolution displays and better built policy. The MacBook Air is a very good example -- you get and it's very strange for around 500 dollars you get a very thin and light laptop that got a very nice bill. And also really long battery life. But of course there are some laptops that cost more than 12100 dollars and for -- this MacBook Air pirate add features to it like a bigger hard drive. I get out to about 14100 dollars. -- of the kids with a lot of these laptops and more features an act the -- spent that they become. Long -- you heard more money from. -- back and better look -- -- it will -- -- a lot less overwhelming if you know exactly what you want before you get the the story. --

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{"id":16977149,"title":"Laptop Buying: What You Get For Your Money","duration":"3:00","description":"Before you buy a laptop, you'll want to watch this video.","url":"/Technology/video/laptop-buying-what-you-get-for-your-money-16977149","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}