Lumia 820 and 920: Nokia's New Windows Phones

ABC News sits down with Nokia's CEO to talk phones and the future.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Lumia 820 and 920: Nokia's New Windows Phones
Yeah. -- Yeah. -- -- -- obesity a household name thanks to -- like this the last decade towns like this comes Tokyo office. It's and eleven the CEO of -- Stephen Elop announced a partnership with Microsoft that it plans to build Windows Phone. In the last year -- some of those -- on the view but not enough for Nokia to -- in terms of mind share and market share at the square is flat out. -- releasing them from -- ate my and the ninth east and hoping those phones will bring it back -- back. And -- to meet with the CEO Nokia to hear about those -- at about what his plans are. -- come to New York to launch some phones I've heard yes that's right. Can you tell me what's what's -- out of these phones and why are -- different from the past leniency and a. First of all we have had a particular focus on the ability to capture the best pictures and videos. -- the way we do that is we have technology called pure view. And what that means is this particular camera lens on the nine point is actually floated -- -- that case. And what that means is -- hold this up to take a picture in my hand may be shaking or whatever or maybe on a bicycle and car. The lands automatically balances for and with some software -- -- device it results and beautiful picture were introducing wireless charging. So when this when you're sitting at your desk you just set this on -- wireless charging up just put it down it charges your home to set it down it charges. And then finally the key thing to have to realize. -- these are the first devices that do you use the new Windows Phone platform. And we believe that platform is the environment that creates the most personal Smartphone -- Knowing that hardware might -- you or -- -- telling -- Point might need that if you think Nokia comes with the software. Now as phony as a coming -- new operating system from Microsoft have a lot of great features like turn -- her application site angry at a -- -- But the issue comes to app. While we're -- -- let -- over 500000. Half their respective app stores. As well coming up about 100 out and even -- so early at the best new app only hit the windows operating and -- I think what interest rate -- first golfer I anecdote for right. It's sort of last place right they're gonna get hit they're gonna get around to witness. Is that concerning. Why -- -- you guys. So being the most important reason we did not go with android is because we want it to be different no kid needs to stand for something different as a challenger in this marketplace we need to have a unique point of view. Jointly with Microsoft we -- different elements necessary for trip to do. Point taken -- -- and that he did mention windows eight. Is that area for it -- tablet computers. People today increasingly are looking for common digital experience between their Smartphone tablet with a PC with a gaming platform. And so there's clearly an opportunity across there so this is something that that we're looking at very close. It's still has been an uphill battle right had some layoffs marketshare is probably where you want it to be just yet. How are you gonna bring it back to use the time -- every one. Nokia patents so the most important thing is that the letter consumers and you're right it's been hard -- in transition. We have to shift our focus and -- re orient -- engineering teams but what you see more and more are beautiful Nokia products that people look at state. While. And to the extent we need to lighter consumers that would make sure they understand what's available -- -- that we provide support. Then you'll see us one step at a time steadily steadily fighter -- about. Nokia can come back really depends on you consumers that if you guys I'm -- on the new -- cool enough -- -- But -- those new wireless charging capabilities and a new camera you seem pretty cool at least in comparison. But does not -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News sits down with Nokia's CEO to talk phones and the future. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"17159829","title":"Lumia 820 and 920: Nokia's New Windows Phones ","url":"/Technology/video/lumia-820-920-nokias-windows-phones-17159829"}