Mars 2020 mission set for launch Thursday

The Perseverance Rover – a part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program – hopes to answer key questions about the potential opportunity for life on Mars.
2:58 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for Mars 2020 mission set for launch Thursday
You know Mars is the closest place that we can reach twists robotic exploration and that we think had a really good chance at having ancient life. Perseverance rover will land and location culture Israel crater. Just her creators are very interesting place. It's a crater that once held a link. There are a lot of craters on the surface of Mars that could have liked hosted ancient Greeks. But not every crater that we think had only two actually preserves evidence that that lake was there and. At a news flow channel ten had announced looking and means it was filled the greater was filled with water. It does your we have probably one of FEMA is beautifully preserved delta deposits. On Mars in that crater. This is a wonderful place to live. For microorganisms. And it is also a wonderful place for those microorganisms. To be preserved so that we can find them now so many billions of years later. There is no other place on arson has the unique combination. From. The lady setting beautifully preserved delta and the diversity neurology and we haven't desert craters so it's truly special training site. The major goal food perseverance mission is to them investigate. Pastor biology on Mars in particular but to address the question of whether life ever existed. On Mars. The perseverance rover starts with the design it's very similar to curiosity but we'd attitude a whole new senate science instruments and science instruments were. Purposefully selected. To help us in the search for bias signatures. We're gonna be taken. Mike France witness for the first time we're gonna have. That human sense on another planet. Perseverance carries with her grand experiment into space sharing technology a helicopter but the name of which. He's now and ingenuity. One of the major upgrades after perseverance has found curiosity is that it's able to self drive. Force distance of up to 200 meters per day and as the rover is driving it literally building the math the relatives driving on on Mars and. So I just for years have told us that you really unlocked. The secrets of Mars we have to bring samples from Mars yeah. To a marsh point one he's going to do it is too. Drill samples. Put them in small tubes and greed seelig in its own individuals who we sat on the surface and to provide a target for the second two missions. Which hopefully we'll get in development in the next several years and could potentially get the samples back to earth like 2030. And perseverance is a very very profound first step in both our understanding. Of our place. In the universe. And.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The Perseverance Rover – a part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program – hopes to answer key questions about the potential opportunity for life on Mars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"72052483","title":"Mars 2020 mission set for launch Thursday","url":"/Technology/video/mars-2020-mission-set-launch-thursday-72052483"}