Microsoft Opens New Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue

ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb and Tina Trinh report from the tech giant's new retail store in New York City.
17:36 | 10/26/15

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Transcript for Microsoft Opens New Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue
Hey guys ominous odds in New York here we'll listen don't panic. There is still. Plenty of time before Christmas but for those few looking to get ahead of the game wondering what the hottest holiday gadgets are out there. This may help you out we're going live now to ABC's Elisa new gun and Tina's brand. Who are alive act Microsoft's opening of its flagship store. On Fifth Avenue in New York City skies there's music playing as crowds outside this is a pretty big Mac I'm. And Microsoft officially open the doors to their first ever flagship store in New York City. And a lot of people turned out this I mean we're having it there hosting a concert with people that night. Heard 1000 that he declined to get free tickets to. It explains Democrats and you also have a brand new surface products that are being released today so. Tonight. Look out but let's take a look out here at proudly displayed its. Your brain yeah. Last month. Ingrid. You're like yeah. Think it's. Inside that story. Pretty impressive Bentley for a workhorse. Company like Microsoft right. On the hunt atmosphere in. That's right down the street in Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue. We're hearing. It might not work after half a minute. Yeah you get a thirteen inch screen and I'm. Touch screen windows and an. The latest work behind I had tonight that in front there's. A lot of things for your back it's gonna run. Hundred dollars. And lean. Not windows X amount of apparently. Everything that you need and the nice things mainly as ten. And around the yeah. Hands on me. Clinton content. And I think I'm out from. And from apple. I kind from. Yeah yeah. Frank that means eating their immediate. Area. And there and by the way. Right now. Easy as dialing as it has over a thousand different levels of passengers could be ready and I. Away from. These claims it is today going to love no longer need. I don't my. Behind closed but is this who are that is something like at 22000. Square foot. Area in the middle of New York. Design actually help as they say it's just really like several ports of arrived. Let's let you know that it's. Only I everything they hear and you're really get it in my mind that we'll right wing think. Here. Hang out he really didn't find the right. Children have been. Right pregnant yeah. So what else are you excited about the fifty had a circuit one thing right. What else what else really get you right. Time and right here yeah. Now. Reunite and feeling on the Italian. Here that I mean anything in place. When I'm Rick. An indie flick happily. And it's nice and but it redevelopment. I'm paying client don't. I let them. We're here and I might not you grew up design and and you laugh when you're watching. That it. I thin air. We're talking right here is having a little trouble hearing you with the with the the real party in there I couldn't help but I think I just saw something that you had mentioned earlier. They have some happiness sure that if you upcoming product to nothing that you get now. That people might get excited about buying later too that I. Related batteries and. Please you're gonna. All I'm win again in. I'll let. That your I didn't. Here yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Dollars. Yeah I. Harry we'll have good health care how the I didn't know about your cleansing. Earlier without all about. Brain. Meet again I drive yeah. Like many reality. Or layup. Early in the happy. Yeah. Catholic parents he now. Yeah. I can't you immediately. Minority report Leon. And I can't imagine that if they. Stocking stuffer for the holiday season. Separate and hit it right here about 3000. The dollar. Com. Yeah he's you know where and why not let it gets really. In agreement and that he's never gone in minority report doesn't really live your inner act. Here. Correct me here. A related. Martin nowhere. Okay. We'll have to and I am mad that people. And one thing I wanted to point out that this is that first flagship store. That they really open even it apples is down this street there clearly pointing out that apple and even that a doubling down with the flu wines it's about people to completely and apple there so you. What a flagship store like they can do for a business like Microsoft that hasn't certain kind of ran next week. Even after where they want to take it. Everybody thinks. Microsoft. And has software only kind of company and this is there opportunity. To really say hey look guys we're not just about Microsoft Office. Word exile we also make stuff that you can use Microsoft Office all right and we make hardware to. And we're not only a software companies that this story really represent. You know an opportunity to show people that let them get their hands on that product divine. Story had peeking ahead to the second floor what do they could they have out there. Here you're gonna get all of your Xbox I don't and let's try it. I mean the end. A lot in my. I. Service. Up here is also really cool because you're gonna have a lot. Communities need your feet people right now. Doing we're job training. Are you really come down and learn more about the different products. And interact. I have. And video we're actually gonna meet with the perfect he's he had devices right now live good. Kelly mark. I'm Larry and I. Who grew up these kind of deadline and I do not know about them. I think hyping them any good evening. And. Very terrible lows of one of them versatility and. This people love the product. So bringing that was. And now it's on the agreement between the brown had a three and it would. Then it's important. It is the largest independent has been a lot of fun to be designed and literally the defendant be of the top. So when you're using it. You get that Henry. Events earlier that night. We know about lately. Okay here's the deal I have four kids. I love. I love them they don't want to serve as they don't want us. Like they always are. My daughter is six yard and I just want to surface. Winds thankfully a presentation I want a service and the like oh my god I'm. Together they love of the use of every game he shares their. It's as bond. Ray and up. Yeah that night. So energizing to be here ideas. Words are back. For tonight's again turned down. The interview. That way but being here and mrs. he but it's so exciting and. Back it up and coming of OK yeah. Chris and the let. A lot of exciting. Art scene. Today in the Microsoft like six. Absolutely. Today I hope thank you isn't being Olympic news and Tina's brand. Live Flores at the grand opening at Microsoft's. First ever flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City I'm sure they're gonna go back to playing with all those gadgets now in have a full report for us later. Thanks for watching stick here with us for more.

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{"duration":"17:36","description":"ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb and Tina Trinh report from the tech giant's new retail store in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"34739823","title":"Microsoft Opens New Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-opens-flagship-store-avenue-34739823"}