Microsoft Outlook: A New Webmail Service

Microsoft hopes new webmail service will offer competition to Gmail.
1:31 | 07/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Microsoft Outlook: A New Webmail Service
Lazy summer not for Microsoft stock structure the company has announced its -- tablets near final builds of windows eight. I announced some phone features for its Windows Phone. And today it is back at it with a new web now our email service called outlook. Now don't confuse this outlook with the email program that runs on your desktop. That is still around. Say competitor to Gmail or -- -- now it's an entirely new email service. And -- playing with it for the last couple -- days and I find to be very clean and very similar feel to windows eight. But it's also got a bunch of new features that it cannot get -- competing options. You can log into FaceBook and Twitter and -- messages and status is from people your email -- You can also chat with your FaceBook friends right inside -- service. It has some Smart sorting tools that will automatically put newsletters and in newsletter -- -- Also you can sweep your messages that you have a message from one friend you can put them all in one folder. But if you -- how Microsoft is really planning to go up against -- -- now it's with advertising. Or the lack there. Ads will only be shown on the right side of your inbox not in particular messages like -- now. So if you get an -- about a hair brush you know that it's not about your bad hair day. Outlook is available today and you can sign up -- right now outlook -- content so you might wanna go grab those email writers is right now this is Joanna stern for ABC news in New York.

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{"id":16896269,"title":"Microsoft Outlook: A New Webmail Service","duration":"1:31","description":"Microsoft hopes new webmail service will offer competition to Gmail.","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-outlook-new-webmail-service-16896269","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}