Microsoft Surface RT Video Review

Does Microsoft's first Windows 8 tablet live up to the hype?
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Microsoft Surface RT Video Review
And yeah. -- yeah. So what is it a computer a tap let that the tablet. Subsurface and that -- device on the one hand it's 499 dollars for the tablet but on the other hand you get -- -- here. -- 599. Dollars which makes it more like a laptop. So which is -- and does it work well as boat. Let's find out. The hardware of the tablet you know what actually just watch this. Yes that actually happened when I picked the tablet up off the ground there wasn't a scratch on -- That's -- the tablet. Is made out of a mix of aluminum and magnesium material that Microsoft -- -- vapor. It's incredibly strong and it doesn't make the -- too -- either. It is a few more ounces in the iPad but it does have a bigger screen and it also has both -- -- -- The tablet is very comfortable to hold that you might have to hold it as much as other tablets because -- this -- It's a small thing but it makes a big difference on an airplane and when you want to use the keyboard. The ten point six inch display -- right and responsive works really well but. -- the Retina Display on the iPad but there is something that this display at the bottom of this display had that the iPad does and it's pretty cool track. These are insanely strong magnets and you can attach the touch cover which is -- with a keyboard built. It makes that -- -- sound and just look at how strong these -- star. The touch cover is just three millimeters fan and is still a full keyboard that's flat it's a bit odd to type on adverse but the touch sensors under here pick up your -- there's also a track pad which makes it easy to move your cursor documents. So there is clearly great but how about the software. Surfaced on a special version of windows called windows -- it is for tablets -- lower powered processor. It has all the goodness of windows eight you can swipe apps -- side by side. But you cannot run older desktop apps -- have to write apps from the windows store. That means you can download programs on the -- or even download something like -- that isn't in the Microsoft store. But you didn't get Microsoft office for free on any -- art cap. Right now there are a lot of missing -- Microsoft's or wood windows eight officially launches there should be more heat -- All let's add windows eight -- front nicely on the tablet at time other times it gets well and body especially when you're running word -- -- one. And when you have the keyboard attached that's really what you want it to you I wanted to -- a document in word and then toggle over the browser or app. You want to do more with the tablet when you have a keyboard. And the surface can't always keep. Schools is -- laptop or is it like a map to explain to. So maybe it's that -- top may be -- -- I don't know what kind of computer that is but I do know is -- -- -- -- -- here. And then suddenly it actually like it better than the iPad I'd like to kick stand better and I like keyboard better. But the -- on the other hand has some things that this does and it had no performance issues and it has more apps. So for 599. Dollars it's hard for me to recommend a surface at least until the software is as strong as -- part. -- Yeah.

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{"id":17549478,"title":"Microsoft Surface RT Video Review","duration":"3:00","description":"Does Microsoft's first Windows 8 tablet live up to the hype?","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-surface-rt-video-review-17549478","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}