Mysteries of the Northern Lights

David Muir gives a little insight into what creates those amazing auroras.
0:58 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Mysteries of the Northern Lights
Out of something else in the -- this -- far more dabbling in those planes up there the light shows we've sought new pictures coming in this evening as we ask. What's behind those fabulous displays. -- -- The dazzling -- -- of the northern sky this week these new images over Alaska. You wore -- Borealis the northern lights. These pictures from Norway this week trying to say these wildly beautiful displays this stunning backdrop to a still swing said in the middle of the night. -- caused by radiation from the storm system on the sun slamming into the Earth's magnetic field. When those two -- kicks out protons and electrons almost to speed of light. And what we all -- -- -- the colorful solar wind storms whipping across the night sky this one over Halifax Nova Scotia. Some -- -- have been seen as far south as mission -- this week. Scientists say they haven't seen a solar storm like this one in at least six years and it's a system they say that set -- to bring even more fireworks than normal. This year to come.

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{"id":15467605,"title":"Mysteries of the Northern Lights","duration":"0:58","description":"David Muir gives a little insight into what creates those amazing auroras. ","url":"/Technology/video/mysteries-northern-lights-15467605","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}