NASA Launches Cargo Craft Successfully Undocks at Space Station

Cargo craft ISS Progress 52 reaches International Space Station with three tons of supplies
12:46 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for NASA Launches Cargo Craft Successfully Undocks at Space Station
And now a good view of the progress 52 cargo ship the on piloted craft. That launch stood just five and a half hours ago from the -- -- or cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Moved into the fast lane on the highway to the International Space Station. And now I'm sitting passively about a 190. Meters or so away. From the -- docking compartment docking port. Is the resumption of final approach for contact -- capture expected just minutes from now. Available quickly to come by and at the and it changed from. Aside. From -- federal but I do hate the station. Who wouldn't and delusion that about it it carry out and -- -- and they're careening down about eight it will. It can enable -- approach -- for that you'll need can't. The but managed in the initial. But the group that -- then we'll look into -- -- program. We shouldn't have been from courtroom. Break down -- on a plan to initial goal and a plant initialed at Richmond and Oakland. Activate operation. -- operations on the kind of approach to recruit. And I can't permit 44. Went again went. Professional department -- -- that we -- -- -- in the regular Minnesota political caucus format plays for being elected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 17 meters -- and lost seventeen. Braintree. Mercury -- and raping and from. Actually used that -- used two. Have a better visual on India target. -- seven teach you. -- our affiliate there out. 83. -- and. And final approach has been initiated on automated command. The progress 52 on the final -- leg of its. Five and a half hour journey from launch pad to the International Space Station. And -- About to cross into an orbital sunset now. Over the south Pacific Ocean and to begin -- -- -- north say northeasterly track. That will carry -- the progress to its link up. With docking scheduled -- battle of the minutes from now. The progress is doing just fine thank you just 87 meters away from its docking to the -- docking compartment. Moving in at a rate of about four tenths of a meter per second everything is in excellent shape. On the young piloted craft -- eight meters that conversation you just heard. Between a -- -- -- your cheek and end -- novelty -- aground -- was with Vladimir Solovyov the chief Russian flight director of from his console. In the cavernous flight control room at the Russian mission control center in -- -- off just outside of Moscow. Great view of the progress. I don't have. An image he cores antenna will be retracting shortly. So far so good dose of the progress 52 on its automated approach for docking took appears docking compartment of the International Space Station. The political and confident I -- -- the Clinton published in the world couldn't couldn't couldn't. And incorporate Kirkuk and very few meters. Go to quote mr. -- sixteen and finished -- injury I think. -- -- -- -- -- Think commitment to advancing additional important. -- -- -- -- little little girl and an operation is that called for -- either on. All of fiscal probably cool off the to begin image is recovering a little bit. -- -- -- Progress moving into an orbital sunset over the southeastern Pacific Ocean and -- into approach show the West Coast of South America will be flying directly over Ecuador. Where about four minutes away from docking some twenty meters separating the progress from the -- docking compartment. Vision on the target and -- that -- is that the level those who'll have to agree to it's that it couldn't people -- electronic. Cross hairs and half -- -- And pitch. A bit of Parker got a program Italy -- news irresistible twelve missed the second -- -- -- and I -- king he's seen it yet. Parents are grown children. And alliant. (%expletive) and we do it back. Unplugged acts -- why why would you landed on his condition and able -- enable it. That. And we just lasting image again. Those who can improve recruitment minimum and battle. We're watching telemetry and approximately is going well. Even if you don't CNN opinion I'm going to put on -- rights. Aaron Aaron Aaron. -- -- This is the view albeit a bit shaky from -- camera on the progress vehicle Aaron just about nine meters away airplane concedes the the Crossair -- docking target. Just -- -- the docking port itself to the -- docking compartment. Which also serves as an airlock for Russian based space walks. And that'll be the airlock from which few what are your -- and and -- cinema circuit and emerged for a pair of Russian space walks on August 16 and August 22. And we'll continue to promote. And Jane. Google to Melissa and how how much which UN says Eugenia and you know and it. -- you from the window. They're worried what is your article. Contact confirmed -- improving -- and he would the end only eat at. And docking confirmed the contact in capture at 9:26 PM central time. Progress 52 completes its fast -- to the International Space Station docking to the complex. Over the Asian Pacific Ocean approaching -- West Coast of South America. -- -- thinking and sentiment -- quote we got a little warm here round morning and much. If you monitor and -- and at least recording on and -- -- amendment movement even yeah. -- are typically let's -- but -- his can be done. But we're not seeing Cheney image. Crafts cross hairs. I don't know how valuable that would -- Some people will continue to believe. An amendment that nation and it apparently. York. Enrollment. The -- docking occurring right at the a split second it was planned to after a flawless. Five hour 45 minute -- from the launch panda at the -- Lichen or cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. To the International Space Station docking occurring at 9:26 PM central time. -- -- Over the South Pacific -- of the International Space Station on the progress 52 cargo craft approached of the West Coast of South America. The independent web page brochure and. The relative motion of the two vehicles now beginning to dampen out a bit this will enable Leo forward docking probe on the progress to begin to attract. And initiate the closing of hopes to form. The hard -- between the two vehicles which we stand by four via. Docking probe to retract and the -- too close to formal hard mate. Once again to recap the progress 52 cargo ship launched on time at 3:45 PM central time 2:45 AM. -- -- time at the bike and -- cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Sunday morning. The -- launch. Occurring. On the dot sending -- the Soyuz booster -- the progress resupply ship. On an almost nine minute journey to deliver the progress to its preliminary orbit. All of its navigational antennas and that solar arrays deployed as plan. And the progress executed a flawless on. Five and a half hour rendezvous over four orbits. To reach of the International Space Station for an on time docking at 9:26 PM central time. -- for the -- Pacific just off the West Coast of South America. The progress is delivering. To the station. 1212. Pounds of propellant. 42 pounds of oxygen 62 pounds of -- 926. Pounds of water. And 3395. Pounds of maintenance equipment resupply items. Life support system items and experiment hardware. And a few tools. And spare parts. For possible use four. Repair work on the US spacesuits. Particularly on -- apartment on those space suit that incurred a water intrusion into -- Thomas helmet. During the last spacewalk that he and Chris Cassidy conducted. Back on July 16 that resulted in an early termination. Of that excursion outside of the quest airlock. -- -- -- -- But it did. Equipment. The books are closed. -- And group people of it was good and -- the program. -- Moscow -- -- Alexander. Good that good neglect interpret and couldn't replace. You can to reinstate the nominal come configuration. A company and work -- and. This is mission control Houston. All's well that -- well as the 52 progress resupply ship loaded with. Almost three tons of food fuel and supplies for the expedition -- 36 crew on the International Space Station. Glided to a smooth and uneventful docking to the -- docking compartment had 9:26 PM central time completing. The -- of about five hours and 45 minutes from the launch pad of the bike and or cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Launch occurring at 3:45 PM central time on Saturday. 2:45 AM -- -- time on Sunday morning. All of the appendages of the navigational antennas the forward docking probe the solar arrays. On -- the progress 52 deployed. Has. Had been planned. And the progress sex excluded a series of on time -- -- burns. To close the gap between itself and the International Space Station. With the expedited. Four orbit six -- docking. Profile that has been news recently not only for progress vehicles. But also for manned Soyuz vehicles a -- occur on time. With a link up occurring. Over the South Pacific near the West Coast of South America. At 9:26. PM central time.

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{"id":19794435,"title":"NASA Launches Cargo Craft Successfully Undocks at Space Station","duration":"12:46","description":"Cargo craft ISS Progress 52 reaches International Space Station with three tons of supplies","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-launches-cargo-craft-successfully-undocks-space-station-19794435","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}