The New iPad: A Firsthand Look

ABC's Joanna Stern tells you what it's got and what it's not.
1:58 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The New iPad: A Firsthand Look
Yeah. I am here in San Francisco at the apple event -- -- just announced the new iPad this isn't the iPad three already I -- steam. But it does have a lot of new look features there -- -- also that we did expected to have at it let's check our right. The number one new feature on the iPad is its display it's still got a nine point seven inch display but it resolution is really high and you can see the difference as -- as you look at a picture. It's really crisp and really details. One of the biggest complaints about the iPad two with its -- camera that's -- -- here with the second new feature on the iPad. It's a new camera -- average five megapixels -- -- very different shots. Because of that new display and that -- camera apples and faster processor an 85 X processor which has watched porn graphic. But that means you're gonna get really nice graphics you're also -- very very -- experience. There's also something very fast in the new iPad and that is -- GL TE. Some models come from Verizon and AT&T and you'll be able to buy and browse the Internet much faster -- Another big thing apple talked about it and it adds new apps that you I -- -- in particular is really awesome. Get a journal putting on your new pictures and he can also edit them on the ballot mutual -- -- -- had things kind of cool new features there's and it doesn't have that we thought it way. The first -- -- and you personal assistant that's on your iPhone doesn't make the trip to the Catholic. Even though there is -- -- dictation software and that we thought apple might release -- seven inch -- eight inch iPad that didn't happen either. We also thought that apple might release something to do the iPad and the new apple TV apple didn't leave the new apple TV that the iPad doesn't really work well junction with it. Either way the new iPad -- -- kind of really only features that we think you'll like when it hits on March 16.

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{"id":15872229,"title":"The New iPad: A Firsthand Look","duration":"1:58","description":"ABC's Joanna Stern tells you what it's got and what it's not.","url":"/Technology/video/new-ipad-firsthand-look-15872229","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}