Nook HD and HD+: First Look

How do Barnes & Noble's new tablets stack up against the competition?
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nook HD and HD+: First Look
-- Yeah. -- you ready for yet in other tablet choice today Barnes & Noble released this that -- didn't -- -- indeed the seven inch tablet at 599. Dollars. They're also releasing. At HD plots which is -- nine inch tablet the search for 269. Dollars. -- these Catholic better than what now Amazon and stellar offerings I caught up -- -- -- know we'll find out. -- be just the lightest and highest resolution. Seven inch tablets. 20% lighter than the Kindle fire case. And our note if you lost his -- lightest and lowest cost pool he tablet. Which is 20% lighter in the iPad and nearly half -- -- I'd like around these tablets they're human eastern I'm really impressed with the hardware designers like the back catlett. Also the displays but part of a lot of time also into the country has. Tablet at the movies the books and magazines they read or watch. From -- content standpoint we're introducing new video. Which is -- great service for our customers be able purchase and rent out your favorite TV and -- An incredible experience and talking high definition magazines. There's this -- We have a new content offering called in the catalogs you get your favorite catalogs. Even new feature called scrapbooking where he can virtually -- -- and -- The magazine and catalog and have that into one group organized person -- collection. We also have the ability to have personal profiles. For your whole family. Stanley member of the profile that you can share outlook for the entire standpoint that your own personalized. Tablet for each individual and your family if you don't want your children injured. They can have their own content you can sort of parent fears about -- -- -- Also Barnes & Noble is stressing that it won't be throwing ads at users on the tablet like Amazon got it you can -- fire he. We don't have any advertising. On its tablet. The only thing will do. It is based on the kinds of content you can see -- and purchase we will make recommendations but only for content. So you won't see -- advertisements on that's. So -- either -- Catholics pick and happy and proud -- others say that until -- -- the Caspian and a full review but I will say this deciding on the tablet has got a little bit part.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"How do Barnes & Noble's new tablets stack up against the competition?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"17323676","title":"Nook HD and HD+: First Look","url":"/Technology/video/nook-hd-hd-17323676"}