Olympics: Best Swimmers Are Like Dolphins

Motion-capture video shows how efficiently athletes move. Ned Potter reports.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympics: Best Swimmers Are Like Dolphins
You'll remember the pandora's. James Cameron's film avatar. The computer effects were fantastic but they did not come entirely from computers. The character's movements were based on real actors who wore special motion capture sensors that computers can track. Now some researchers from New York University who tried the same thing with Olympic swimmers. Keeping sensors to -- -- redeemable -- the diver -- Johnston. They made some great animations. But the real purpose was to see how the swimmers moved through the water and how perhaps. They could move better. I'm very vigilant. I want a lot of media outlets like an enormous collection -- I'm excited to see. -- different angles and acting and a enhancement training this week expect. It has on. The NYU -- -- -- -- company called Manhattan will cap and shared their video with us. They found that while an athlete needs to have a strong -- -- all of those sorts of things what really matters is how they move through the water. Fullmer swims a bit like a Dalton -- -- along with the current program. Of the small changes can be made that -- Perfect -- got so being it was seen that from different angles and make small adjustments. Did the video pay off well the athletes were to begin as it. People -- took home three gold medals -- Johnston took -- over. It -- ABC news New York. Back.

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{"id":16970759,"title":"Olympics: Best Swimmers Are Like Dolphins","duration":"3:00","description":"Motion-capture video shows how efficiently athletes move. Ned Potter reports.","url":"/Technology/video/olympic-games-swimmers-dolphins-16970759","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}