Paris Trip Leads to $8,000 Verizon Phone Bill

Camille Walker thought overseas plan would prevent excessive cell phone charges.
1:36 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paris Trip Leads to $8,000 Verizon Phone Bill
It -- Panasonic economic student Camille locker saved up for months to take his dream vacation to Paris. As someone who'd worked as a customer service rep for a cell phone company -- -- in advance with Verizon to use -- Smartphone overseas. Camille landed in Europe on the seventh. And on the -- I got a text message that -- exceeded 7000 dollars and data usage that first morning yes. And here's that 7000 dollar warning. Camille says she immediately -- rise in and got over -- responses over several days. By the time the -- posted the total was more than 8000 dollars it's for one day of service. And it is done and -- it seems like America -- I've been using my Internet regularly everyday lives in Paris and you know taking me -- that -- something but that's not what it was back in the US mills says she continued contacting horizon which led to this offer. She said ultimately we'll credit you 35% of the bill. Which is over 5200. Dollars still allowing. And I said you know I can accept that. We went to a Verizon store downtown to get answers for Camille -- talks customer service person with case you. And -- probably told to please. Here's what a company public relations -- later told us over the phone. The charcoal. Is to notify customers of excessive data usage immediately. And when it's apparent that we did not issue a proper alert we will credit the customer count.

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{"id":14760564,"title":"Paris Trip Leads to $8,000 Verizon Phone Bill","duration":"1:36","description":"Camille Walker thought overseas plan would prevent excessive cell phone charges.","url":"/Technology/video/paris-trip-leads-to-8000-dollar-verizon-phone-bill-14760564","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}