Plastic Bottles Get Stylish

Bionic Yarn turns plastic waste into reusable material.
3:26 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Plastic Bottles Get Stylish
-- your hurt itself like -- material that could fight bad guys and a sense it does. Battling waste well incorporating style. -- that plastic could be fashionable. But that's the goal behind by -- -- of the company -- uses technology to turn discarded plastic bottles. It would durable material that can be used to -- a variety of weights. By -- guns came from. But desire to create creative product groups both meaningful. In fact the recycling plastic something that we felt extremely meaningful. The world needed -- solution. And practical ways to apply that was transformed. Into. Fabric. I thought we. Have recycled to -- in the last two years about one point seven. Bottle of point seven million bottles plastic bottles and but otherwise discard them Atlanta thing when you see in garbage bins on the corner. We have a variety of materials -- focus right now is on basically. And cotton. Equivalent. And -- action wearing some right now yes I have this is one of our recent production with the Bruins -- produced. Few styles and jacket with them. For now the process remains somewhat expensive. The team is hoping to bring the costs down and there's no shortage of plastic bottles of just how much plastic is required to -- by -- macular. On average each drug offense. Seven to twelve the would have otherwise ended -- in -- -- -- or somewhere else. How do you go about collecting. Still there are other private companies that already worked with Michael profit but aren't we work with them -- -- department. The main process takes place in the US and China and Atlantic are works with a number of companies including Timbaland Cole Hahn in the camp to -- within the idea. Manicure and also burdened with the rapper and producer for real Williams to help get the word out and explore new designs. -- -- How that conversation if he immediately sold it. She approached the president of difficulty line afternoon to use that would -- you could -- And he wanted to wanted to just -- it. How how us forth as he did. It was always been very -- -- -- This he would -- itself old. Any limitations in terms of what can be used for there are the main applications that we're focusing on. Outerwear apparel. Adam facts Hughes. And furniture. We've we've got a whole bunch of smaller ones but I think we believe it. The real value of -- gone beyond and function of recycling bottle that we hope. That what consumers actually. Touch and -- what we've created that it will. Open up their eyes to what can be done by being responsible and you're using these. An event. Expanding. Them to think about energy alternative forms of energy. Sort of a different outlook on lifestyle for the gateway to other sources.

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{"id":14837518,"title":"Plastic Bottles Get Stylish","duration":"3:26","description":"Bionic Yarn turns plastic waste into reusable material.","url":"/Technology/video/plastic-bottles-stylish-14837518","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}