Revolutionizing Household Appliances

James Dyson explains his obsession with improving everyday appliances.
3:48 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Revolutionizing Household Appliances
So you've probably seen the commercials a laid back James Dyson talks about why certain products don't work well enough -- what his company is doing to try to improve them. Well recently we get a chance to sit down with the inventor and see what makes him tick. -- evidence that the long. A little things that they were one -- -- I've got news. Well I'm -- that pretty good investors could have been historic. But I believe in the future -- investors law. They Wear out. But not much longer there's a -- -- when you do after the space. -- fashion tips on its -- draped it. Materials technology and just because from gourmet products like small. Column put something that -- And on particular incident that information. Because it let me lots of things that you submit visited a big -- and nor -- it. For James Dyson in finding ways to improve everyday products has become something of an obsession. But he's fine with that. Well I want to develop this technology. -- about new technology to make things work best that's what makes it makes me want to improve the performance improved how something works they did life. Make it more effective. Thank you for that justice those hopeful things will make it. Of course the Dyson has become most known for its high tech vacuums. So -- after home appliances instead of anything else. Well I've done things -- finding -- -- and complimented him more than just phone -- and that things were real people things we use every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- because they didn't know -- they're making. -- -- this season's or when the list of things you can see that the people who make. -- -- -- It's possible line. To work well but when I looked back. Some people just make. Think about what life is seemed to me. So -- thought it was. Doing things that we use -- He says that how something works is a direct connection to how it looks. Don't think live live second half of the fitness center is all about using design sorrow. To help soak up. I think books. I've been compromised I think this. Is that the song is -- -- -- new. How something. Form it takes more than five years to be decided not because. Vandals someone come along and make up about them because that's what -- do. Hopeful look feels like news reported -- -- people philosophy -- to -- Selection technology and also put option for next. And technologists use it won't make -- quote. It's not something that you just fault line that. They conducted. Aside from pursuing new ways to -- design -- products. -- -- also says He wants to focus on fostering the next generation of inventors. My foundation. Has been much hubris and a number of countries from -- -- Working in schools developing news on television program schools need to stop today in Chicago -- -- schools. So we're very excited about that successful to spread it throughout. We're also sponsored students and post graduate students and Salem and engineering -- To do that because governments won't. Tell. People through the university. Education -- We've got to --

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"James Dyson explains his obsession with improving everyday appliances. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"14741225","title":"Revolutionizing Household Appliances","url":"/Technology/video/revolutionizing-household-appliances-james-dyson-interview-obsession-technology-14741225"}