Rooftop Farming

How to garden without any soil.
3:32 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Rooftop Farming
So across the East River over in Brooklyn is a -- but it doesn't require any soil if you don't look up you -- -- it. Like a bit of a little resident well thanks to new technology. The scenes are now planted for a. -- future. From the neighborhood of Green points in Brooklyn New York you can clearly see the Manhattan skyline. -- what's really I think it's sort of it's a nice mix of industrial as well -- presidential. And it is -- it's really up and coming neighborhood in terms for art culture. But look closer -- solar panels on the rooftop. They're hoping to power a unique operation -- redefining urban farming using Hydro clinics. No soil report aired since the -- here derive all the necessary nutrients from the water itself. It's like -- any rooftop. -- The right size yeah this is a potential place to do some potentially New York has acres and acres of underutilized. While city doesn't have a lot of arable land of course one abundant resource underutilized resource that you -- States. There's certainly a lot of other. If they're going you know -- for sound to me. Zoning and and sort of building codes and a number of other things but yes erratic beautiful. Her activities. For now the teams from got the greens -- neatly lettuce here several varieties and Basil. The secret is controlling temperature and irrigation in the greenhouse throughout New York's traditionally hot Summers and bitterly cold winters. We have. Sensors located all over the -- house inside and out collecting data on 24 hours that -- things like temperature humidity -- conditions. And all that doubted that back -- that -- -- Now that computer system has been programmed by -- team here. To deploy things like lights at the hands on some things like that based on the conditions we want -- here so possibly this data being recorded. -- back tore computer system and computer system talks -- the greenhouse help me what to do faithful from here so for example. If it gets too warm in here automatically. The computer -- past the roof -- the greenhouse stable enough. But -- Smart enough to know that it's raining won't open the roof vents it'll open the site. In business is definitely look growing for -- -- They serve a number of grocery stores and restaurants in the New York area and stay within an eight mile radius to ensure its French. From ceiling to harvesting usually takes anywhere from thirty to 45 eighths to just how much produce -- -- predicts. We sell the product by way so I think this facility will do well over a hundred times. A hundred times each year and -- a fairly -- -- Lake Wales Kevin Whelan if it's a very productive right. Absolutely and it seems very densely packed in here we're really very space efficient. And being in that climate -- greenhouse allows us to hold your. -- really -- and it's the wine -- and you know what does that matter to somebody who's buying there. Witnesses case what's -- Primarily bought we pride ourselves very very good quality product here and growing in this part of it environment. Climate control greenhouse. Allows us to create optimal growing if the plan. And that that make very healthy plants very healthy so very high commissioner. -- waiver. And precious he. Growing so close to our customers allows us and harvest and deliver to our customers on the same day.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"How to garden without any soil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"14837688","title":"Rooftop Farming","url":"/Technology/video/rooftop-farming-14837688"}