Satellite launch delayed

SpaceX aborts launch at the last minute and reschedules it for Wednesday.
3:44 | 12/18/18

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Transcript for Satellite launch delayed
Several rocket wants is planned today. Including the space ax rocket which was actually -- called dot. I TV currently is in thwarted writes president is also there which speaks to just how significant days is David. Just the rundown naming and do you know why that that wants was grounds. Well first of all let's talk about why this was such an important day. Three of the leading private space companies are in a space race and you're going to see it today because three launches were scheduled by these three companies. Unfortunately two of them a party been scrubbed. The third one is for later tonight let's talk about why we're here in Florida and that is based Saks which was actually going to carry and hopes to tomorrow. Its first national security payload into space. It's a GPS satellite it's part of what's called the GPS three series. And it's constellation this will be the 32. Satellite that will work together 32 of them. To triple the accuracy of GPS that you get on your phone or you get in your car. So that was scrubbed just a couple of minutes before the window closed today because of the computer problem on the falcon nine rocket they have a window again tomorrow they will try. Then a few minutes later Jeff baze those who's the CEO of Amazon he has his own company has called. Blue origin he was scheduled to launch out of Texas and send nine science satellites for NASA into space. They scrubbed even before SpaceX the third launch is set for tonight out of California that's called the united launch alliance recall UL a its Boeing and Lockheed. And they are sending a spy satellite into space we'll see whether they go or not or whether tomorrow we get to see whether these three companies continue to battle it out. And duke it out in this space race as you miss the vice president was here as well today and he announced that the president. Who wants a space force which would be in new branch of the military and would require. Government congress approved congressional approval. Well what the president is going to do and as actually Ari done is sign an executive order. Two start a combatant command a command a space command. There are several already heard of cent com you for all these other different commands this will be a space command that the president is setting up through executive order calling. And David I heard vice president pence called they say a new air in American leadership that has now be dining. Can you just a little bit more on why this is significant and really a big shift perhaps round. How we Adele waits as space technology exploration in the past. So if you remember. Or anybody who studied space there was a space race between the United States and Russia. This is the new space race and it's a space race between private companies and space is being opened up with this private frontier. And all of these companies want this government business is very lucrative business so you'll allay putting that spy satellite up into space that's a pretty good contract. SpaceX had actually been not. Contract it into a lot of this back in 2014. And fought the government actually filed a lawsuit which finally got tossed out when the government opened up more. Contracts to other companies and so SpaceX was going to be this first launch of this national security payload so. They are all trying to do tourism space. They want to send satellites for the commercial satellites or whether they're government satellites. Or military satellites. And that is what we're seeing now is there's battle between them to get as much of that business as possible. And why were we had three scheduled on the same day tells you that this is really moving quickly it's a new age in space. It's pretty exciting for anybody who likes what's going on. Appear that happens. That is pretty exciting I write I David currently in Florida Flores thank you so much we keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow's lines.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"SpaceX aborts launch at the last minute and reschedules it for Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"59887805","title":"Satellite launch delayed ","url":"/Technology/video/satellite-launch-delayed-59887805"}