Here are the science stories you may have missed in November

Alistair Jennings sums up some of the most interesting science stories.
5:11 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for Here are the science stories you may have missed in November
Inside science and my name's Alan Jennings and hey it is a quick roundup of what's been happening in the world times this month. She and number apparent in the court onscreen but the reference to. Engineers and multi ethnic and successful flight of assaults and plea. It's powered. On June drive. Want you off there is an. But she doesn't want them on the wings. Powerfully positive talks if a positive forces and. Content and that child off lights tomorrow. When it opens the question mode to become the positive. Fraud. Being positive. They're attracted to with a negative into a lecture and Kuwait and as things to be it the bump and vomit and molecules it's very minute and to that. This creates and queens the blues over school error close behind otherwise. It. I've seen nothing but bass is the first time it's been possible to engineer one works well. The code to contraption is uterine quiet but they're throwing it but just yet we would be writing in an engine plane in. We current limitations and Patrick as well as a theoretical maximum thrust the thinking. We are more likely to use and drug. Which is good because entrance and incredibly. Irritating noise friend. Because will have no idea when there's one bouts. Yes you can bet that leased space age technology. Will be mainly used to spy and you can read more about makes that play this on the inside signs what's. He expects. Masses insight right abouts its landing on the surface of. Now have to talk to get into that. Really didn't and measuring heat activity. And the way the ball when. It's on the program. Oh it. It's been pretty good month for instance if we Lamas reinventing the plane wasn't good enough for you now the movement in the toy that's. This month Bill Gates unveiled a toy that separates it and what. These is important because the solid waste in an. Aunt that lives in useful fuel. Different temperatures produced different grades of who you want. And wheat on deeds have been due out this month. The purchase which deputies to increase liquid which were such as these varying race. Or Lou baby sit at the applause on the news and from cutting its technology. The classics. This has been the definition of a kilogram since eighteen. And a radiant seeking an edge institute just outside Paris. But even classics sometimes. Update. The problem with the kilogram is that if it gains even a couple of bruises and. And this and it's time to be unit of a kilogram changes as well. Which changes the weight of everything. Because Tom Edmonds a role relative to the so this month but the biggest wait what is convention in history the scientific community with time. Now the standard unit will be measured against an electromagnetic force generate news and planks close. Next time you measuring how much ought to and you just. Use against humanity is clearly on in the street. But some bar mentions the right now. That's the message of the study published this month about balls. The responses looked at Twitter activity during he has referendum. On independence. Cocked the system to distinguish automatically. Balls from me. The invention. Of balls. It's hard to real people hub between activity and then. Mission to stood so called. Balls. Influence. But when well again that read it and. Evidenced by this lost. The hole in adams'. I. According to you then ripped. An international agreement the Montreal protocol has decreased the production and substances. That. Between sixty. As. Well that's about it and rants about science and. Oh. Inside this and I. You in doing this follows on the planet social media. Howard and I didn't arrogant yeah. It's the collision is under an.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Alistair Jennings sums up some of the most interesting science stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"59627636","title":"Here are the science stories you may have missed in November","url":"/Technology/video/science-stories-missed-november-59627636"}