Singer Sarah Brightman Readies for Space Travel

Famed soprano will spend 10 days and $50 million as the eighth space tourist.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Singer Sarah Brightman Readies for Space Travel
What do you do get some free time and fifty million extra bucks seas and beach easy -- -- travel to outer space OK here's ABC's spirit rock Villa. You saw her on stage with Andrea voluntarily with that voice in 1997. Now get ready to see things upon us -- bright -- in states. At a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday -- -- -- now that -- signed up and paid up to be the next space tourist. She's expected to blast off sometime in 2015. Aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket will spend about ten days the International Space Station. Right there wouldn't say exactly how much he's paying off but sources tell ABC news the price tag was at least fifteen million dollars. After the announcement she sat down with the ABC news for her only American interview at that this has been a lifelong dream inspired by the space race in 1960s. I want to go to space really since I was -- -- can -- she says she may even staged a performance from the space station. I think that like people coming. In July -- travel to the cosmonaut training facility outside Moscow where she underwent medical and endurance test and got the UK to line. Right will become the -- space tourist the first was American businessmen Dennis Tito in 2001. The most recent was -- to solely founder -- -- Tate who in 2009 became the first clown in space. -- will become the first singer. She says her -- experience prepared her for space training. -- about it being behind the force of gravity. It's like an elephant sitting on your chest. But what about the other perils of space travel and no showers for two weeks I knew this had been cut off. They do have and also with the bond for weighs -- via X stream the key not back. Perhaps -- -- has been prepared for this moment for years after roll this song was her first big this week that he. Said. Here ABC news --

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{"id":17454325,"title":"Singer Sarah Brightman Readies for Space Travel","duration":"3:00","description":"Famed soprano will spend 10 days and $50 million as the eighth space tourist. ","url":"/Technology/video/singer-sarah-brightman-readies-space-travel-17454325","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}