South by Southwest: Tech Highlights

Festival featured homeless hotspots, Angry Birds in space, social apps and more.
5:53 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for South by Southwest: Tech Highlights
Every year the gurus of the tech music and film industries make a pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for interactive event. Called south by southwest and ABC's technology editor Joanna stern has just returned from the event there is here to house about all the technology highlights from. The trip there and what might end up becoming the next big thing huge influences and our world how are you today I'm good I'm -- -- -- -- -- Austin you guys I mean it's all these huge industry leaders that contain in one place -- -- kind of talk with the next big things that are coming out there -- first before we get some of the advancements in technology. What is this whole thing I've been here about homeless hotspots that happened down there what is that. Yeah you know it's an odd thing into describe south by southwest side and -- I've answered describing as spring break for geeks. A car accident tons of nerds things I think it just really cool people you -- their phones really into the next big thing in technology right. And so accompany an ad agency here in New York decided let's bring Wi-Fi hot spots all around the city which makes cents lots of geeks but let's put them on homeless people. So they equipped homeless people with these four -- cards that allows. Up to five people to connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot and it homeless people walking around at the hot spots and then they had T shirts -- said. Hi my name is Clarence and I'm a hot spot this sounds like a marketing disaster -- you know it really it really turned into one yeah it it started to pick up on the first couple days people we're noticing it and then it just turned into PR disaster lots of people just saying this doesn't seem fair this just seems. -- really just cruel. Then that's -- that's. And that the little ridiculous but that's the big -- -- out of some not. So some of the things we're talking earlier that came out of the event was in -- -- social apps that -- -- that you don't actually have to check in books I have some some apps like foursquare you have to physically check in. Exactly like FaceBook has -- -- -- -- -- thing down so what are the big -- that came out of the show was this one -- highlight OK got it up here on this iPhone. And what it does is it actually you don't really do much -- sign into FaceBook it knows who your friends are -- who your friends friends are and then -- your phone in your pocket. And it is you went people might be in the area that you know some -- and a coffee shop I've got this -- -- -- and it pains me Joe Schmo who knows so and so. Is here do you -- -- say hi. I see and they always well if -- if you're -- today if -- if they're using it as well. Exactly so this everyone else has -- things if you're trying to avoid people that you might be friends -- -- -- but this might not be the best that for you. Yeah I mean it's it's definitely what. You know question -- -- privacy right. But if you're opting to use this app you're really the kind of person who's really social all right and you -- -- meet tons of new people you -- -- meet your friends out. And you're -- to opting to. I'm -- -- is always connected to social now. Yet another way to network yes -- are mobile devices. Angry Birds which can no one can get enough of -- national agreeing pigs but now it's a version 2.0. It's. It I don't even know how many versions they have no right but the big news is that the Angry Birds literally have gone to space center NASA teamed up with rodeo who makes Angry Birds -- and -- it. Gave actually be stuffed animals to as an Asher not and they have this whole demo -- them using them in space. This is it right there and then that's a -- demonstration that these astronauts are out there. Do these highly scientific experiments of -- stuffed animal. So what -- -- now is there actually bringing this sort of concept of not having gravity. To the game and so when you know and pulled the slingshot the the birds fly -- -- every perfect arc takes. Exactly lot of -- -- just like -- it straight which is kind of weird if -- played the game on yet at that clinching game on our Google also took over an entire street in Austin. What happened there. It everywhere you look in Austin this week they're just tech companies everywhere and Google I think did one of the most interesting things they actually sort of like rented out all these houses on the street they were four different houses for different parts of Google so -- -- a Google Maps house there was an android house that was actually my favorite one they had -- Dallas just everywhere and the next code name for the next version of android is jelly beans and just jelly beans all over the place. Just a fun thing for Google to get out there and talked they're developers and -- and fans of the company. They and they definitely you get that get the message out there and get the buzz generated exam he also -- -- the company's jobs we think of athletic Wear running shoes things like that but -- really taken technology and know that the with that it's. With the Jonathan Nike plus sensor that you can use to track your running but now they have something else. Yes is really shocking so this is called the Nike fuel ban OK right here you can get this for 150 dollars. And it's it sensors and it's it's like the odometer tracks how can how many steps -- tie and tails in how many calories -- -- today. But there's a really big social Alleman adherents of the big thing at the show is about social networking -- and see you can actually track how much fuel all this is what Nike says like is how much fuel -- gain for the day. You can track that you can compare to your -- -- they've got a FaceBook app that it links entities that they also atom mobile app that will show you. What's going on here I'll show you -- your friends have burns. Little competition -- so you're on like this group weight loss plan that's great where you can check. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is it is kind of like bringing that competitive nature to social network you also caught a little bit of history in the making that the group the grill which -- the name highlight of the -- area but it would happen so -- me as a service that does group text messaging -- if you -- that the show you -- stopping -- grilled cheese for a living there isn't it just -- serving grilled cheese at this group -- grill. And at the last day I was there Kobayashi the hot dog eating champion of the world was there and he eight. Follies girl -- and one. Thirteen goat cheese and one disgusting but you know it's gonna happen anywhere it's going to be at south by southwest really as the curtain thanks for -- -- given as a recap of all the great things happening things.

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{"id":15912577,"title":"South by Southwest: Tech Highlights","duration":"5:53","description":"Festival featured homeless hotspots, Angry Birds in space, social apps and more.","url":"/Technology/video/south-by-southwest-technology-highlights-15912577","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}