Streaming service price war

Plus, Amazon is testing delivery robots and an alarm clock that brews coffee.
0:51 | 01/24/19

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Transcript for Streaming service price war
And they kept right streaming service price site Hulu says it's dropping the price of its cheapest package two dollars to just six bucks a month. But it's hiking the like TV service from forty dollars a month to 45 the moves follow Netflix is recent price hikes. Amazon is testing a robot delivery service. Called Amazon scout will deliver packages in the Seattle area if her prime customers who request same day one day or two day delivery. They'll be used Monday through Friday for daylight hours and for now the scout will have a human chaperone. And good news for those who've always dreamed of having that first couple roaring copied without leaving your bet this is an alarm clock coffee maker combo that wakes you with the aroma of fresh brew. Right there your bedside it'll cost you though about 450 bucks totally worth it rained yet. Does your check by.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"Plus, Amazon is testing delivery robots and an alarm clock that brews coffee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60595248","title":"Streaming service price war","url":"/Technology/video/streaming-service-price-war-60595248"}