Supermarkets of the Future

ABC News' Tina Trinh explores the technology being introduced at supermarkets to make for speedier checkouts and smarter stores overall!
2:26 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Supermarkets of the Future
Where they like it or not grocery shopping as one of those things that simply assassin get done and depending on the sort of process really. Eight could use some improvement and thankfully new technology can make that next trip down the aisle a little easier here's ABC's teen trend. Attention shoppers the supermarket is about to get a high tech make over tech companies are working on ways to make your next trip down the aisles even more convenient. Check out these in are active Smart shelves. They recognize when you point and an item in take it off the shelf. Captain of the backup pots that. It will actually noticed that it's the back across that finish out all of the ingredients of them along with the allergens and we'll tell you the origin. Behind the scenes motion sensing cameras are at work in the check out lanes the GTX seven scanner from data logic uses multiple cameras to scan groceries from all angles making check out full proof. That doesn't matter what orientation that I've put these on I can even read items that are facing the bottom. So I can take this bar code and face it down. We measure volume. So in case I have a stacked item that we'll identify its of the user you did did this blind folded it doesn't matter where you put it on how you put it on both. Or at Swedish company I attacked representatives are shoring up the 2.0 version of conveyor belts out this is. Not any conveyor belt Smart there right it's mark by about how to isn't weren't. Works by identifying the Barco okay. By scanning it. Placing it now on this in seatbelt break which includes wings. That Wayne system can't be fooled he. It fights in this gap Bryant. Right but you put down that. It doesn't go because it knows that expected this. On bail out if I remove it one. People that one against. One is get the check out lane altogether a new act appropriately named skip glitzy ski embark code doesn't shock pay on your phone and don't. It all adds up to check out that puts you in the virtual expressly. Tina trends ABC news. EU. Lauren loved my groceries to expand by two contends that we. Yet and two or three times your paycheck from. Right store your right this could be there let's just look at graphics department have to have that further reading and you could expand. It's actually cost and tends to. And and canned tomatoes I think it's.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"ABC News' Tina Trinh explores the technology being introduced at supermarkets to make for speedier checkouts and smarter stores overall!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"36801821","title":"Supermarkets of the Future","url":"/Technology/video/supermarkets-future-36801821"}