TechBytes (03.07.12)

Apple watchers are waiting to see if the new iPad 3 will be unveiled today.
0:56 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for TechBytes (03.07.12)
In today's tech -- all eyes are on apple apple watchers expect the company to unveil its third generation iPad today. Some experts think apple may keep the iPad two on sale at a lower price after the new version comes out march 16. Artists often properties stylus as with -- iPad to the Wall Street Journal's Katie Iraq gives high marks to be no -- compose brush. This is aids stylus makes -- look like -- paint brash. But the bristles at the pressure specially designed to enable tights with the ipad's screen. Get a -- about 39 dollars and American Express is now using Twitter to tell card holders about exclusive discounts and deals. And if they see something they wanna -- they can do it on the spot just using Twitter and a number of studies are finding the video gaming is actually good freely -- creativity. Decision making perception and the ability to multitask. Those -- -- tech -- of Paula here's a good day.

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{"id":15866296,"title":"TechBytes (03.07.12)","duration":"0:56","description":"Apple watchers are waiting to see if the new iPad 3 will be unveiled today.","url":"/Technology/video/tech-bytes-030712-15866296","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}