TechBytes (03.05.12)

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming Apple iPad 3.
0:57 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for TechBytes (03.05.12)
In today's tech -- a sneak peek at the iPad three be Chinese blogger MIC gadget has video. Then allegedly shows the new version is going to be a bit thicker than a current model but will have curved edges that make it feel thinner. Apple is expected to unveil the new tablet Wednesday by the way analysts figure that by the and ending here. Apple have sold hundred million ipads the company has -- -- served up 25 billion apps to reach that milestone over the weekend. A British website reports -- downloaded the entire back catalog of Michael Jackson's songs some 50000. Of them. Many have never been released it reportedly happened a year ago soon after Sony's purchase the music from Jackson's estate about -- time -- PlayStation network was -- in at least one star of the Oscar winning movie the artist is cashing in. A -- beat Jack Russell Terrier is starring in an ad for the Nintendo 3-D S does your -- -- -- -- Ferris.

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{"id":15847800,"title":"TechBytes (03.05.12)","duration":"0:57","description":"Get a sneak peek at the upcoming Apple iPad 3.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-030512-15847800","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}