TechBytes (03.12.12)

Preorders of Apple's iPad sell out, which may result in long lines amid release.
0:54 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for TechBytes (03.12.12)
In today's tech sites that new iPad sold out apples as demand for the new tablet has been quote off the charts and you can no longer pre order one on the apple web -- for delivery on Friday. The first day you'll either have to wait as long as two to three weeks or camp out overnight at an Apple Store. And retailers are rethinking their email strategies with many now believe me -- less is more. -- of the nation's top 100 retailer sent an average of a hundred Sestak. Neiman Marcus sent more than 500 -- like Nicole Miller and JC Penney are cutting back now realizing that. Excessive emails can be just a tad annoying and FaceBook can get you in trouble the social network suggested to -- Washington State woman. She would know another woman using FaceBook she certainly did she also recognize the man at the wedding pictures of the her husband left a couple of years ago he's now facing they can be charges losing your tech -- -- -- -- have a good day.

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{"id":15900516,"title":"TechBytes (03.12.12)","duration":"0:54","description":"Preorders of Apple's iPad sell out, which may result in long lines amid release.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-031212-15900516","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}