TechBytes: App Connects Neighbors, iPhone

A new app, Nextdoor, gives people a chance to meet their neighbors.
0:55 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for TechBytes: App Connects Neighbors, iPhone
In today's tech -- -- ever wish there were -- easy way to get to know your neighbors. Well that's the concept behind online network next door the site provides a place for users to talk about local issues. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Brett charted out. There was a lot of interaction and people are able to ask -- and other questions that they would never ask on farms like FaceBook. And it was not as annoying and -- as some of the other forums neighbors he is. Forty neighborhoods are added to next door every day -- is coming to outlook dot com users of Microsoft's free email service. We'll soon be able to do audio and video chats just with the click of a -- And apple is making the original iPhone obsolete that means that most people still using the original iphone's. Are not gonna have any access to apple repair services. From cutting -- to obsolete. You can believe it and just six years and those higher tech -- have a great day I'm Diana --

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{"id":19080709,"title":"TechBytes: App Connects Neighbors, iPhone","duration":"0:55","description":"A new app, Nextdoor, gives people a chance to meet their neighbors.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-app-connects-neighbors-iphone-19080709","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}