TechBytes: Drones, Smart Bracelet

The FAA has approved BP to fly the first commercial drone flight over Alaskan oil fields.
1:01 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for TechBytes: Drones, Smart Bracelet
In today's tech -- the first commercial -- flight over the U -- the FAA has given permission to oil giant BP. The flights drones over Alaska's north slope the largest oil field in the nation. The company says its flights will be used for maintenance purposes. Just in time for summer -- Tom Lowe has unveiled a new Smart bracelet the June miners -- UV index and lets users know when they need -- more sun screen. The Wall Street Journal's Joanna stern test and out. The design of the June is really nice and I really like some of the features that would remind me to re apply sun screen during the day but there are some big downsides. It isn't waterproof it only works with the iPhone and the app can be very confusing to use. And president Kennedy is on Twitter the JFK library tweeting his most famous quotes and ideas including his 1963 commencement address an American University. Find the account at JFK said. Those are your tech -- I'm Reno and -- --

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{"id":24083984,"title":"TechBytes: Drones, Smart Bracelet","duration":"1:01","description":"The FAA has approved BP to fly the first commercial drone flight over Alaskan oil fields.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-drones-smart-bracelet-24083984","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}