TechBytes:, Mark Zuckerberg

After an outage, the millions of websites that hosts are back on line.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for TechBytes:, Mark Zuckerberg
In today's tech -- most of the five million web sites godaddy hosts are back online this morning. The company says it doesn't know what caused the outage which lasted most of the business day yesterday there were claims -- a hacker attack but no confirmation. A phone company that doesn't sell the iPhone is hoping to cash in when apple announces its new model tomorrow as is widely expected. T-Mobile -- pointing out that some older iphones work on its network and those prices are plunging. American Airlines as the government's blessing to expand pilots use of ipads the airline says that will eliminate 35 pounds of paperwork for each pilot. And save more than a million dollars in fuel each year. And FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives his first public interview this afternoon since the social network's stock first went on sale the hoodie wearing CEO has been. Laying low since that botched initial public offering. Those -- detect bites I'm John --

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{"id":17206904,"title":"TechBytes:, Mark Zuckerberg","duration":"3:00","description":"After an outage, the millions of websites that hosts are back on line. ","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-godaddycom-mark-zuckerberg-17206904","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}