TechBytes: Smartphones, AT&T

The number of smartphone users who upgraded their phone was down nine percent last year.
0:55 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for TechBytes: Smartphones, AT&T
In today's tech -- fewer Smartphone upgrades -- analyst at UBS say the number of people who upgraded their device last year was down 9% from the year before all because of a lack of innovation. That's trouble for apple AT&T and others as they try to keep up the pace of -- revenue growth. And speaking of AT&T it's about to launch its next plant which. Allows wireless customers to upgrade their device every year at no additional cost customers would pay installments every month and can upgrade after a year. Microsoft wants attorney general Eric holder's permission to share. -- what has handled national security requests for customer data it's part of the company's response to the Edwards -- case. And you can now -- view from the Eiffel Tower thanks to Google is stringing new trolley was called around to its top -- -- -- -- the result was new 360 degree photographs and views across Paris those are your tech might have a great day. I'm rob Nelson.

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{"id":19685078,"title":"TechBytes: Smartphones, AT&T","duration":"0:55","description":"The number of smartphone users who upgraded their phone was down nine percent last year.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-smartphones-att-19685078","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}