TechBytes: Twitter, Facebook

Twitter had a brief outage on Thursday.
0:55 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for TechBytes: Twitter, Facebook
In today's tech -- another outage for Twitter the service is now back up and running after users around the world were unable to send or receive tweets for a short time yesterday. Twitter denies it was caused by an Olympic overload but the games are expected to cause a spike in tweaked. While -- -- -- -- social -- disappointing earnings -- CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it wouldn't make much sense for FaceBook to make its own phone instead the company will concentrate on working with manufacturers. On integration -- now. Who was using Kansas City to demonstrate its -- -- fast fiber optic Internet service is gonna cost about seventy bucks a month and will be a hundred times faster than cable modem service. Who was also offering TV service for an additional C it's -- Also from Google it's search engine will now except -- a written request that works with any recent mobile device just scribbled a search terms anywhere on Google's. Home page -- -- your tech bytes and -- fairness.

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{"id":16867606,"title":"TechBytes: Twitter, Facebook","duration":"0:55","description":"Twitter had a brief outage on Thursday.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-twitter-facebook-16867606","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}