ThinkPad Windows 8 Tablet Announced

ThinkPad GM sits down with ABC to talk about current and upcoming products.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for ThinkPad Windows 8 Tablet Announced
In 199220. Years ago Bill Clinton became the president of the US Prince Charles and Diana separated and the first thinkpad laptop was released. A lot of happened since then and this week thinkpad is celebrating its twentieth birthday with a new announcements. Today joining me from the thinkpad business group is -- thank you so much for being here. And telling us a little bit about the new products so looking back it's been a great ride what's coming up. Sure so we've been fortunate thing -- and has led with innovation for the past twenty years. Happy to talk about our latest product the next 1 carbon am excited about this -- is the industry's -- fourteen inch. No book it's built connect carbon -- sure. It is very -- -- It's got -- thank you very thin -- got a fourteen inch panel. And thirteen inch frame. -- got backlit keyboard dolby home theater audio. And it's got a fast recharge capability. So this is going to be the best -- book in the marketplace and there's a lot of ultra books so why are some things that are really. You know some distinguishing this one from the -- So it's just it's -- think that have got to begin with right and it's built of carbon fiber so this is the same material. That you find in -- dreamliner airplane that allows -- to get better fuel efficiency savings account and it's also very tough. The very tough. OK and I did notice that it has the signature red pointing or stick -- people like to talk about. And it also has a really nice track pad but there's been an issue with a lot of these track pads on his -- Bucs have reviewed a few of them and he got done anything special here to make it better. Absolutely I mean not encourage you to play with that this is silky smooth in terms of when you go. Operate -- out at -- best week ever yes so we've put a lot of investment in the touchpad and the track when we have think -- loyalists who apps would love -- point. But then also we realize it was a generation users we're very comfortable with -- touch back. OK so this front Windows 7 that you guys are also thinking ahead to windows eight which is coming out at the end of October this year. What's coming that sure so next let's talk to you about. Windows eight tablet. This is the tablet that everyone is waiting for. This one right here this one right here -- -- launch with the Microsoft windows eight. The beauty about this tablet is it supports all -- -- all the applications. So if you have a -- and application. Any application that you have it just works so it hasn't Intel processor and it has an Intel processor apparent. And influencing their shorts and a camera love -- here so it's got a ten inch screen. But it's also got a -- -- some -- an important undertaking capability. Exactly move stuff around we can't stuff around with that it is very light it's going to be less than 600 grams. Very cool there and you can use -- -- Microsoft's. Excel PowerPoint. You can use a link -- SharePoint against multiple applications and it supports all your hardware so for example has a full -- USB port. It easily connects to an external monitor so it fits in with your lifestyle. OK and so this is going to be out wood windows eight is coming out which is at the end of October any idea yet on how much is gonna cost her. Pricing is still to be determined OK we're still finalizing the details but -- be very competitive. I think and one of the things -- did -- -- ask -- -- -- talking about windows -- is it this -- Microsoft made -- big announcement they said they're -- make their -- windows -- Tablets and computers in some ways with surface. Is that concerning to you guys at Lenovo and with the thinkpad team I mean. They're kind of coming after your hardware business. No -- it's not I think the Microsoft. Microsoft is a strategic partner for us. And what the Microsoft surface has done is just basically brings little more excitement in the marketplace -- and brings windows eight. In discussion. The thinkpad tablet it's really focused after the business. Individual the Microsoft surface is more geared towards the consumer -- so annoyed about it at all. Chairman of equipment that services it has that keyboards is gonna have a -- guess this'll have an external keyboard -- -- terrible and adopt available to go with how much is that are gonna. It'll be very competitive. I try to get that in but thank you so much for stopping by nearly eighty -- I know more about these thinkpad products you can check it out at Slash tech.

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{"id":16961692,"title":"ThinkPad Windows 8 Tablet Announced ","duration":"3:00","description":"ThinkPad GM sits down with ABC to talk about current and upcoming products. ","url":"/Technology/video/thinkpad-windows-tablet-announced-16961692","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}