Twitter: Tear Down These Lines

Twitter implements a vertical, blue line to group conversations together.
0:53 | 08/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twitter: Tear Down These Lines
In today's tech buying some Twitter users are all a Twitter over blue lines the new feature was designed to make it easier to -- -- but since its debut some -- users have been tweeting their displeasure. Asking that the lines be removed. And Henson is making a big splash with the new galaxy -- the oversized Smartphone features a six point three inch screen making it closer in -- to the iPad mini and the iPhone 5. ABC technology editor Joanna stern says the mega isn't meant for everyone. I have fairly small hands and I really had a hard time making phone calls on this or even texting hard to stretch your fingers across the screen. But there is this -- a person right now that really likes a bigger screen. The Samsung galaxy -- is available from AT&T for 150 dollars. And a correction from yesterday's tech -- the Nintendo Wii U is the console that's getting a price cut not the week and earlier tech -- have a great weekend everyone I'm Diana her.

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{"id":20115753,"title":"Twitter: Tear Down These Lines","duration":"0:53","description":"Twitter implements a vertical, blue line to group conversations together.","url":"/Technology/video/twitter-tear-lines-20115753","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}