Widow Wants Facebook to Delete Husband

Sandra Klein says Facebook will not take down her dead husband's page.
1:44 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Widow Wants Facebook to Delete Husband
Here's a good one -- Him and I out hiking the same in Gary Klein -- a short but deep love to continues to dock with cancer. Since his death in September 1 daily routine it's especially hard hit daughter myself every time we -- open up our faith -- There yet it's very upsetting all of his memorial stuff all the comments. That he is on the site should be gone for a month sentence try to convince FaceBook to take down -- page. With and is password FaceBook asked for his death certificate -- -- marriage certificate and birth certificate. And Sandra says even part of his will. But FaceBook would only sent the page -- -- leading an up for loved ones to post comments we don't one at a memorial we've won it all. Just all it does get -- here. Frustrated Sandra asked for our -- and we -- email address and one phone number. I'd appreciate it Compaq as soon as possible to about it in fifteen minutes but Facebook's PR team did he is requesting -- -- to the husband's page. -- up slightly. About two hours later. We just received our second email from FaceBook now it's telling us that it does not provide comment on individual accounts. Where packaging them back to remind them all of the documentation the -- has already sent. And asking for a better answer than no comment. It's hard enough to move. Forward after you lose some money you love and you were with them when they took their last breath. But to now have to deal with this and argue over something that I feel is might right to get rid. I would prefer that they do this now.

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{"id":15055448,"title":"Widow Wants Facebook to Delete Husband","duration":"1:44","description":"Sandra Klein says Facebook will not take down her dead husband's page.","url":"/Technology/video/widow-wants-facebook-to-delete-husbands-page-15055448","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}