Windows 8: Inside Microsoft's Big Change

ABC News' gets an exclusive look at the making of Windows 8.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Windows 8: Inside Microsoft's Big Change
-- -- You need to be computer history -- to know that the war between apple and Microsoft which was once fierce and intense has faded over the last couple of years. Microsoft simply hasn't put up a very good site. You remember the dad. Hello I'm a Mac and -- pieces. The Microsoft is -- -- change that image and fight back with windows eight. So how did they get here and what is windows eight all about I've come to Redmond where Microsoft's campus is located to get some answers. -- -- is one of the biggest changes probably ever made to windows. When did you in your team decide ten. Break with the path. We started to look back and we how. The user interface the experience that form factors the kinds of PCs were all sort of developed. You know in the mid 1990s we looked in terrible things are so different how people consume information how could produce information. Mobility all of these things and we said we. We need to envision a new kind of software for all of those areas because the world is just a different place. What was the reaction here in Redmond to the iPad. If you can't help but be impressed with the work that -- developing but we looked at it and how but we have -- -- different but different perspective. A different reason why we would want to make tablet computer and that's really rooted in in PCs being. General purpose of Chinese and so we felt we had a different view and a different reason for wanting windows to any great. Suspect got for a second if you're wondering what is so different about windows eight here's the cliff notes as a start screen and an App Store and it's totally touch friendly. But there is still the old desktop where you can run office and other windows programs. There's -- work and play aspect which is why so many windows eight PCs are going to have touch screens. And -- Boortz. We really believe in the future action everybody's gonna wanna touch screen the fact when I go to pizza that doesn't have -- him constantly. Trying to -- -- but you know everything out -- touch screen if we really want to break that but we didn't want to. Throw away is the path -- -- the familiarity that people haven't away -- has worked before -- to provide that kind of -- the ball. Dumars ingredients not -- who together lead the charge of developing windows eight -- Microsoft. Changed a lot of things behind the scenes to. It seems they began to change the idea software -- Microsoft opening design and art first something he might associate more with apple and Steve Jobs. Pride in craftsmanship and attitude that we pay attention all the little -- -- Here we have reduced concepts to increase confidence to simplify. Via the different kinds of -- -- -- things. I bring up those Mac vs PC commercials they sort of became this iconic pad and depicted Microsoft as sort of -- be an uncool. Is windows eight can -- change that perception of Microsoft. PCs are as much about fun as they are about about work. And I think -- every generation of new products we have a chance to broaden the common view of what's going on. It's not going to be until windows eight that Microsoft has a real competitor the iPad and that's three years after the iPad was introduced. What is Microsoft could do to make sure that it's not three years behind in the future. There's always times when you might not be first but you can be better and if we're not first we want to be better. Change was the message -- Microsoft's campus change of tires and a change in the way we use our computers. But while Microsoft is ready for change are the millions that used PC -- ready for the biggest change ever made. -- -- The best part about the PC world that the most flexible most adaptable -- the elements of the system that most likely to be able to change is the person. So is. War between apple and Microsoft going to be as -- says it -- lives well not really depends on how many people buy these windows eight he sees it here. But I will tell you this I'm hoping apple hasn't -- adds up -- leave because Microsoft is no longer that nerdy guy in the suit. I.

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{"id":17559667,"title":"Windows 8: Inside Microsoft's Big Change ","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' gets an exclusive look at the making of Windows 8.","url":"/Technology/video/windows-inside-microsofts-big-change-17559667","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}