Women join fight against climate change

It’s crucial to empower women and girls in the fight against climate change as they experience the worst impacts of changing temperature in many parts of the world.
3:21 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for Women join fight against climate change
When there is no immunity leadership innovation knowledge and approaches to problem solving keep making very important contributions. Solutions for climate change so I think it's high time we recognize our immigrants potential that we can ensure equitable participation woman in space and create my. Audience and we eat. Jets can't eat he won. Every line. Working its east repair. Shops cash and it's time. Yeah well. Globally existing power systems and have made women and communities that depend more on what made more while global climate change. And it's funny because women are more dependent on natural environment forth its existence in main parts of the world. Problems like in the next and we want regardless of snow took permanent. Happy disproportionate. On those were more abundant vulnerable community. Swimming instantly affected them most. It's extremely important that we have the voices are people are experiencing the worst impact. I eat in this confrontation recruiting when we're selecting what topics Irish eyes what we're making decisions. Out how to keep unique he'd be acting within this select the appropriate solutions but I'm change. And. It the U every year to ensure that filter it most likely inspire the center Erik Unger being beat welding process that race not the now more than ever did or it's not just about the justice. Really Millen proper. One of the key themes that we all have to do to make sure that an increasing the participation of women in attracts think change is really women in parliament and education. Norman apartment in education are also heat forced the final development and the main reasons. And we've also seen by involving the women. The girls at the community you're eagle pass the homeless more progress because the NB aren't the ones who are close its. To be inquiring and involving a living your bidding knit neighborhood in the how can eaten more. More than 50% of the popular H. ET percent this is how can he ignore that rain soaked me wanna go mean all. Girls in this I need exit speech. In its then at the beach and it began problem and beer so Britain and learning about all of touted her world beat it. Not just about limiting her it's not just about. We're turning this renewable energy including. Clinton to be addressing issues but how do we as humans. Art component of the because it forgot unsolved problem it's the kind. And eat snakes ace can't think pretty active teen.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"It’s crucial to empower women and girls in the fight against climate change as they experience the worst impacts of changing temperature in many parts of the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"77227630","title":"Women join fight against climate change","url":"/Technology/video/women-join-fight-climate-change-77227630"}