Writing Letters to Steve Jobs

Fans of Apple's iconic CEO express their emotions in the wake of his passing.
3:15 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Writing Letters to Steve Jobs
All right well it's time -- a personal moment if you'll indulge me because Steve Jobs really did have an influence on me both personally and professionally. But before you roll era is -- just another apple fan boy I do own plenty of non apple technology. And really only started buying more apple products later in life although -- -- grew up. In elementary school using -- all the way through college. Here now is my letter to Steve Jobs. Dear Steve we never met that I'm pretty familiar with your work force and just one of millions who lay claim to a connection with the full disclosure of fronts than -- -- -- Apple Stock doesn't tech reporter I actually don't have any tech investments. But I do own -- -- an iPhone four a MacBook Pro. And Clinton NO in the original apple TV affect my first experience with a computer school was on an apple two. Or was an apple two plus forget me it was a well again. Today people around the world are mourning -- loss but I think they forget how you'll always be with them. Affect many people probably learn of your passing on the theory devices -- company created. And the next generation who grew up with -- -- -- encourage the next generation to remember what apple became so iconic. To me it seems like He -- to truly connect with our -- almost in the spiritual sense. Look I don't want -- this uncomfortable for anyone who also made us love our technology apple products included at the end of the day it's just a bunch of ones and zeros and silicon right. Don't get me wrong thing to keep my whole life they routinely questioned why might apple products in particular -- -- -- personal feel to them. It's always -- spent -- into -- again opened up can't modify them or even replace the battery and they're almost like a piece of delicate arch. -- your greatest legacy will be in recognizing how intuitive design reshape our lives without us even being aware that. You know people are comparing -- with Edison and Ford and other great American inventors and already putting on a pedestal. And it's certainly not without merit and argued that -- unique technology that can never be replicated. Philly were visionary and also critical the genius and of the Iranian -- was all those especially since He personally hold dozens of -- But it wasn't always easy right to have coverage -- rivers along that also -- the -- of your -- managerial style. Sometimes gruff demeanor and well documented again but I guess it all comes with the territory in some ways can't make -- giant omelet -- that brings in makes. And I -- you had a problem for instance of child abduction. But as -- mentioned before. All this information comes to -- secondhand. It's filling only a select few people really knew you get -- kids Steve Wozniak maybe Bill Gates on some -- It's a Silicon Valley contemporaries and addressed inner circle and and I think it's pretty obvious to everyone -- -- -- to become an American success story. For -- her ouster by the company found it didn't rebuilt it after apple was considered borderline obsolete and lacking innovation. And publicly fight cancer with resolute and inspirational determination. Bottom line it's a tough time for license and she was thinking about your loved ones and close friends and colleagues. Those of us in the tech community are speculating about -- Apple's new CEO -- -- -- looking ahead of the release of the new products. And wondering if you were bigger than apple or is -- -- bigger than you. In the meantime I'm gonna do my best to think different.

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{"id":14741171,"title":"Writing Letters to Steve Jobs","duration":"3:15","description":"Fans of Apple's iconic CEO express their emotions in the wake of his passing. ","url":"/Technology/video/writing-letters-steve-jobs-fans-emotions-in-wake-of-apples-iconic-ceo-passing-technology-14741171","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}