Police: Vegas Kidnappers May Still Be in Town

Investigators interview 6-year-old about his four days in captivity.

Oct. 20, 2008— -- Las Vegas police believe three drug dealers who allegedly kidnapped a 6-year-old boy and held him for four days may still be in the Las Vegas area.

"Since he was returned here in town, we believe some of the others connected to the kidnapping are in town," said Officer Cris Johnson, a police spokesman.

Police said Cole Puffinburger was abducted from his mother's home last Wednesday by two men who posed as police officers, then bound and gagged the boy's mother and her boyfriend.

Cole was found unharmed late Saturday night outside a Methodist church in a residential section of Las Vegas.

Johnson said detectives had interviewed Cole, who provided some information about his kidnappers.

Since the boy's safe return, the focus of the investigation has shifted to allegations of drug dealing and extortion, said Las Vegas Police Capt. Vincent Cannito.

Police have said they believe the kidnappers were Mexican nationals who were involved in the drug trade.

Police suspect the kidnapping may have been meant as a "message" to Cole's maternal grandfather, Clemens Tinnemeyer, who, according to Cannito, was "definitely involved in drug activity."

Cannito said at a Monday press conference that large amounts of cash were recovered in the case. Johnson said earlier in the day that police suspect that Tinnemeyer may owe the kidnappers millions of dollars.

Tinnemeyer was arrested in Riverside, Calif., Friday on a federal material witness warrant. He was scheduled to appear in court this afternoon, according to the FBI. It was unclear if he had a lawyer.

Police have called Tinnemeyer a person of interest in the case. They were also searching for another person of interest, Jesus Gastelum.

At a weekend news conference, Cole's father, Robert Puffinburger, thanked the volunteers who helped to find his son.

"It's indescribable," he said. "I thank this whole community. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for helping me find my son."

Early Wednesday morning, three men dressed as police officers tied up the boy's mother and her fiance in their Las Vegas home and ransacked the house.

Police said the men were looking for money -- lots of it.

When they couldn't find cash, they took 6-year-old Cole instead.

ABC News' Lisa Fletcher contributed to this report.