'The View' on Casey Anthony, Van Der Sloot

ABC's Chris Cuomo discusses the latest legal news in the headlines.
6:07 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for 'The View' on Casey Anthony, Van Der Sloot
No allegations have come to light about who Casey Anthony says -- -- daughter Caylee. Jordan managed -- just confessed to -- and Mississippi governor Haley Barbour does pardon 200 prisoners. So now we're getting the latest on the crimes and had elapsed from ABC chief legal reporter. And 20/20 and our Chris Cuomo. -- agenda -- to remember for depositions from doctors who conducted psychological evaluations on her. -- lot of murder trial what there is. Well I think the most interesting thing to me is that at least one of the psychologist was very moved by her lack of the motion regarding the loss of for child. A one of them said he -- aren't disturbed by that she was not disturbed by what that was disturbed I had not being -- is -- sank. I'm saying that he was disturbed by her not being disturbed anything -- shut up and -- because it was a disturbing situation. Com they had not missed an economic and yelled up on my mother proud I am I do not not today not today today. So that was significant to me this doctor said he'd never seen anything like that. -- why are we so interest it because there -- some explosive allegations which is why you never heard about these until now they were under seal by the judge. Never offered as evidence kept until the trial was over and now released what does she said. She says a lot about her father being abusive she says that she believes she was date raped and that's how she became pregnant. She says a lot about what she thinks happened to her child which is that the father may have tried to molest the child and then drowned -- Part of a trial that's like his that's pretty -- -- it's completely uncorroborated by anything other than the words of someone who was the main suspect in the and to put an end -- -- Well her lawyers didn't offer it up as evidence as is reported and you can understand why just because you say it doesn't make it true. And I think that they may have been worried that the evaluation of -- -- sober minded cheerful not stressed. Even if everything she says is true her emotional state when she sent it. Is very confusing as well. Hang Jose Baez has -- -- has either been removed or has removed himself as her attorney is that true. We understand it's true it's reported -- so he hasn't given comment yet we know that another one of her attorneys. That was dealing with fraud appeal. Has also resigned so the theory is that she's cleaning house can't blame anyone for wanting to get away from the situation like him. So she's a -- at this point I don't turn our attention to outgoing governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi who just recently part of more than 200 inmates. When -- -- final acts as governor some are questioning. Is it ethical is it legal -- violate our the constitution. Did just ask what's going -- -- a lot of prisoners to just. -- -- -- -- -- The governor's some of them worked at the governor's mansion there's -- of tradition and in the state of that some of them were murderers are working there. There's a lot of negativity here and rightly so pardons for an odd antiquated thing comes from the power of king's. When I party -- it means that you were never even arrested. I sort of very high bar and you have to question whether we should have -- at all because of Haley barbour's. Alleged determination and giving pardons they passed along that state -- doesn't exist almost anywhere else which is. You must put out notice for thirty days of the impending -- to. What does arena that I just of the victims' families who come up so they can be political scrutiny -- you don't slip it through. On and it looks like that's what he tried to do according to the attorney general he violated the constitution because he violated this law and they will now overturn these pardons if they can. This is Haley barbour's statement that disaster -- approximately 90% of these individuals -- no longer in custody. The pardons were intended to allow them to find gain full employment or acquire professional licenses as well as hunt. Current and vote why would think it guns. Well here's -- -- Very often even when you serve his sentence you can't what he's saying is this these were old sick people and this was okay they were already on the outs the AG says it's not true -- also people that that's what part not pardoned people who were no longer a threat. They'd serve his sentence many were already home I just want to clean their records they could live a normal life -- the AG says that's not true but when -- killed his wife and she was telling his child that's one of the -- minutes after. Brown buck. These sneaky things by their nature would not just details are passionate conservative mr. -- it's -- political movie should not be allowed we don't need and we have a justice system that's very aggressive there's no need to go around. Chris we're gonna go on -- -- -- Vander -- he you've interviewed him before now yesterday he confessed the murder of Stephanie Flores in Peru. -- last year what did he say -- in court. While this time he said he did it is trying to negotiate a -- -- the sentence by pleading guilty he had said he'd done this in the past obviously the the what you look he's I -- I. I was one of the first interview this kid I was one of the first again would that he was lying we were part of the investigation where undercover he said he killed Natalee Holloway we know the story very well. The kid has consistently found to be psychologically. Unstable socio path -- the pathological liar and in my opinion it is all true. Yes he's going to smirk under scrutiny yes he likes to play the system. Does that make us. He's in his twenties I think visits when he -- that typical serial killer not file I know but. Here is that the pain here that he killed Stephanie Flores yes even he he says he did. We want closure on Natalee Holloway family can't get that he teased them with -- this Natalee Holloway will not be helped by the Florida situation. Is -- because it just to finish up nick -- -- about the defend his defense attorney. Is saying that he killed Stephanie because he was on distressed by being accused of -- is -- that's -- -- imagine a defense strategy it. Any dumber than that. Oh yes. Yes -- Georgia -- a defense attorney bears no legal basis for that. And in jury with three judges that -- three judges not a jury -- how -- -- slogan a sentence and I don't think it's gonna help us.

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{"id":15347058,"title":"'The View' on Casey Anthony, Van Der Sloot","duration":"6:07","description":"ABC's Chris Cuomo discusses the latest legal news in the headlines.","url":"/TheLaw/video/chris-cuomo-view-casey-anthony-haley-barbour-joran-van-der-sloot-15347058","section":"TheLaw","mediaType":"default"}