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Patrick Stewart on Russians' involvement in Britain's Brexit

The actor talks about why he's campaigning for a referendum and discusses his new movie, "Kid Who Would Be King."
Jan 23

David Kellman and Robert Shafran of 'Three Identical Strangers' share their reunion

After 19 years of separation, two of the three triplets recount how a conversation with a friend revealed they were related.
Jan 23

Whoopi Goldberg gives her take on how to open the 2019 Oscars

“I’m just saying…. Who doesn’t sing that and who isn’t a champion?”
Jan 22

Free groceries, gift cards, deferred bills: How people are helping furloughed workers

Since the government can't find a solution, communities are coming together.
Jan 15

Teen denies taunting Native American protester

The co-hosts discuss reactions to the viral video of a confrontation between high school students and a Native American protester.
Jan 22
ABC News

Jul 19