Funnies: Frisky at the IHOP

Here's a roundup of the late-night comics.

The Late, Late Show

Craig Ferguson: Barack Obama called Hillary [Clinton] today to thank her for distracting everyone from his crazy pastor.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: As you know, Hillary Clinton [is] coming under fire for claiming she was under fire while in Bosnia. Luckily, she was wearing her Kevlar pantsuit at the time.

The Tonight Show

Leno: There's a chance that John McCain will pick Condoleezza Rice as his vice president. Well actually, I think that's a perfectly balanced ticket. Right? I mean, he's white, she's black. He's a man, she's a woman. He's always steamed, she's Rice. You see what I'm saying?

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel: Hillary Clinton was in Indiana trying to get more people there to like her. She claims to have taken some incoming sniper fire at the Indianapolis airport baggage claim, but other than that they said the trip went very well.

Real Time

Bill Maher: The fighting is apparently so fierce and the bullets are flying so fast and furious, they may have to pull the Marines out and send in Hillary, Chelsea and Sinbad.

Late Show

David Letterman: I like John McCain. He looks like the guy who gets frisky with the new waitress at IHOP. "Any more coffee?"