Funnies: McCain Family Scooter

Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: Fourteen percent of the people believe that we will see $5 a gallon gas by the end of the year, $5 a gallon. The other 86 percent think we'll see it by the end of the week.

Late Night

Conan O'Brien: Yesterday, true story, Barack Obama took a break from the campaign to take his family on a bike ride. It's nice. Yeah, meanwhile, John McCain took his family for a ride on his rascal scooter.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart: With Barack Obama and John McCain hogging the front pages in the United States, still-president Bush decided to get out of town and make a quick trip to Europe! Making him one of the only Americans that can still afford a trip to Europe...

The Tonight Show

Leno: And Barack Obama took time off from campaigning to spend time with his family. In fact, he said on Saturday night he was going on a date with his wife -- a date with his wife Michelle. When Bill Clinton heard that he said to Hillary, "We need to stay away from these people! They're freaks!"

Late Night

O'Brien: Barack Obama is trying to win over Hillary supporters now, that's key -- he's got to get Hillary supporters. This week, Barack Obama said that the differences between him and Hillary Clinton are minute. That's what he said, yeah. When he heard this, President Bush said, "I believe the word is pronounced minute."

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert: The Democrats, they love McCain here, the Democrats cannot stop this man. They can only hope he gets sidetracked by a "Murder She Wrote" marathon.