Funnies: Town Hall Debate

Here's a roundup of the late-night comics.

Daily Show

Obama: Senator McCain suggests somehow I'm green behind the ears. Stewart: You might not want to bring up ears (putting fingers behind ears to make them stick out).

Tonight Show

Leno: You know, I don't want to say the debate was boring. But I never thought a political event in Tenneesee could be that dull without the help of Al Gore.

Saturday Night Live

Obama impersonator: My best friend and mentor, is former Weather Underground leader and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. *CNN banner pops up saying "Obama: Terrorist William Ayers is my best friend"* (Laughter). Now, I'm telling you this because I'm so far ahead in the polls right now, it's not gonna matter.

The Colbert Report

Colbert: Just calm down. This financial meltdown will affect you only if you own a house or are paid in currency.

Tonight Show

Leno: And in describing her beautiful Alaskan home, Sarah Palin said that when she stands on her porch, she can see the moon. You know what that means? She is now qualified to be an astronaut.

Late Night

Conan: Let's take a look at that footage again. (Footage from debate with McCain wandering around stage.) Obama: "Right now the credit market – (McCain in shot) -- Nobody called for the – Is health care in America." Conan: That's unfortunate.