Toby Keith -- July 3, 2005

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Country and western music star Toby Keith was part of the Live 8 extravaganza Saturday. The cause was Africa, but in Philadelphia the music was all American. And even though Keith told us he doesn't do politics, this time he just couldn't say no.

Toby Keith: I'm a Christian, so I have a lot of faith in that old man upstairs. The people I know that have lost their faith along the way, a lot of that has been due to world starvation. So people who have become agnostic or non-believers, [questioning] that there's a creator, I know some of their main reasons [are] watching the world starve to death. They think God should intervene. And I think this is a way we can stand up as a human race and try to cure our problems ourselves. So, [we should do] all we can do is bring awareness to it. So if we can get everybody together in the world for one day at seven or eight different places, and let the whole world stand together all at once, hopefully it's one big enough outburst of one voice that it makes a difference. That's about all we can do and music is very powerful.

It was three songs and out. It was like the opening for set for Frank Sinatra or something: 'You get three, buddy, and you're gone.'


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: The court's final day was marked by speculation concerning the ailing [Supreme Court Chief Justice] William Rehnquist. Many expected the chief justice to announce his retirement. But unexpectedly, William Rehnquist did not step down. At least for now, the Supreme Court softball team will have to soldier on with the worst second baseman ever.

The Late Show with David Letterman:

Letterman: Congress is considering the flag-burning issue again and it's a difficult area, as Paul and I just demonstrated here. But they are trying to find a compromise. And the Democrats have come up with something that may just work. Watch this:

Voice on fake commercial: As the House and Senate wrestle with the thorny constitutional issue of flag-burning, the Democratic leadership would like to offer a compromise: Let's agree that the flag may be microwaved for up to three minutes on high. The Democratic Party: Working for you.