Christine O'Donnell 'has a lot of moxie,' says Chris Coons

The Democratic candidate for Delaware's Senate seat speaks to 'This Week"

October 14, 2010— -- In an exclusive interview airing this Sunday, "This Week" anchor Christiane Amanpour sat down with Democratic Delaware Senate hopeful Chris Coons. Amanpour asked him what he thought his opponent's greatest strength was. "She's good on TV," Coons said, referring to Republican Christine O'Donnell.

"She's also got a lot of persistence. I mean, she's run for the United States Senate three times in five years. That's a lot of persistence," he told Amanpour.

"And what do you think it's all about?" she asked.

"I think," Coons said, "my grandmother would have said she has a lot of moxie."

Tune in on Sunday to ABC for more of that exclusive interview and a look at the state of play in the Delaware senate race. Amanpour will discuss all the week's politics with a powerhouse roundtable that includes Meghan McCain, political strategist Matthew Dowd, Nightline anchor Terry Moran and ABC's George F. Will.