Funnies: Indictments and Harriet Miers

A round-up of the late-night comics.

Real Time with Bill Maher:

Maher: The White House already has a plan in case other indictments do come down. They're going to be delivered by FEMA.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: We talked before about the 24-hour news networks: One area where CNN did trounce Fox [was] vivid imagery."

Montage of CNN soundbites: The moral of that story is you need an otherwise bulletproof candidate. / It was almost a snowball effect. / That is a bit of a red herring. / The White House has had a tin ear. / That essentially would be the dam coming down. / The president is almost politically painted into a corner. / This is kind of like an opera singer who when they're stabbed they sing.

Stewart: CNN -- the most trusted name in what the news is kind of like.

The Late Show with David Letterman:

Letterman: We're having a change at the Federal Reserve -- Alan Greenspan standing down and Ben Bernanke will be taking Alan Greenspan's place. People say that he is a lot like Alan Greenspan, but less exciting.

Real Time with Bill Maher:

Maher: The other big story, of course, this week [was] Harriet Miers. Yeah. What happened was senators demanded the disclosure of her White House records, and she sent them "A Perry Como Christmas" and "The Best of Bread."

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: The Harriet Miers case has shown us what you don't know. But do you know what you didn't know? For that, our news segment, "The less you knew." This is Lawrence Wilkerson. He's been Colin Powell's right-hand man for nearly 16 years, served as chief of staff at the State Department during the run-up to the Iraqi war [and during] Powell's infamous anthrax vial presentation to the United Nations. Last week, Wilkerson gave a speech to a Washington think tank. Were there tidbits about his experience?

Wilkerson [on video]: What I saw was a cabal between the vice president of the United States, Richard Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on critical issues.

Stewart: Ha! Imagine if you told us that TWO YEARS AGO!