In Memoriam: Lives of Note

Jane Wyman, 90 -- Frst wife of Ronald Reagan, she was an Oscar-winning actress and television star.

"Get in a mess with a showgirl and write out a check, and when a man dies write out a check to his widow account paid in full, leave me a alone!"

Percy Rodrigues, 89 -- A doctor on the 60's show "Peyton Place," he broke ground for black actors to play the role of professionals

"You have the feeling that nothing happened? Honey, I can't afford to feel otherwise and neither can you."

Anita Roddick, 64 -- As the founder of the Body Shop, she was a leader in the fight to end animal testing in cosmetics

This week the Pentagon has released the names of 22 soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marine Cpl Christopher L Poole Jr, 22, of Mount Dora, Fla.
Marine Cpl Bryan J Scripsick, 22, of Wayne, Okla.
Marine SSgt John C Stock, 26, of Longview, Texas

Marine Sgt Michael J Yarbrough, 24, of Malvern, Ark.
Army CPL Ryan A Woodward, 22, of Fort Wayne, Ind.
Army SPC Marisol Heredia, 19, of El Monte, Calif.
Army CPT Drew N Jensen, 27, of Clackamas, Ore.
Army SGT Alexander U Gagalac, 28, of Wahiawa, Hawaii
Marine LCpl Lance M Clark, 21, of Cookeville, Tenn.
Army PFC Sammie E Phillips, 19, of Cecilia, Ken.
Army CPL Javier G Paredes, 24, of San Antonio, Texas
Marine Cpl Travis M Woods, 21, of Redding, Calif.
Marine Cpl Carlos E Gilorozco, 23, of San Jose, Calif.
Marine LCpl Jon T Hicks Jr, 20, of Atco, N.J.
Army SSG Courtney Hollinsworth, 26, of Yonkers, N.Y.
Army SSG Yance T Gray, 26, of Ismay, Mont.
Army SSG Gregory Rivera-Santiago, 26, of St Croix, V.I.
Army SGT Michael C Hardegree, 21, of Villa Rica, Ga.
Army SGT Omar L Mora, 28, of Texas City, Texas
Army SGT Nicholas J Patterson, 24, of Rochester, Ind.
Army SPC Ari D Brown-Weeks, 23, of Abingdon, MD
Army SPC Steven R Elrod, 20, of Hope Mills, NC