Coming Up on This Week: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Exclusive interview: California Governor on the economy & the future of the GOP.

Nov. 14, 2008— -- He's the Hollywood action hero turned California Governor now grappling with some blockbuster political issues.

Joining George this Sunday for an exclusive headliner interview is California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As wildfires ravage parts of his state, Schwarzenegger is struggling to contain his state's runaway deficit of nearly $28 billion.

With the nation's economy spiraling, the Republican Governor is proposing some politically risky solutions including tax increases and spending cuts.

George will get Schwarzenegger's thoughts on the nation's economy, a possible national stimulus plan, and the fiscal crisis facing his state.

Plus, his thoughts on the future of the Republican Party and his state's passage of the same-sex marriage ban Proposition 8.

Joining George ... the This Week Roundtable: ABC News' Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, George Will, and the New York Times' columnist and Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman to debate President-elect Barack Obama's potential cabinet picks, the financial crisis, and next week's hearings on Capitol Hill on a potential bailout for automakers.

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