Trump fueling 'national crisis of division,' taking country backwards: Hickenlooper

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is interviewed on "This Week" about his 2020 campaign priorities, and how he plans to break through a crowded field.
5:36 | 05/19/19

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Transcript for Trump fueling 'national crisis of division,' taking country backwards: Hickenlooper
Let's hear from some of those democratic rivals. First up, former Colorado governor, John hickenlooper. Thank you for joining us this morning. You bet. You just heard from vice president Biden there. His pitch -- the core of his pitch so far is bringing the country together, calming things down, he say he can build bridges with Republicans to get things done. Now, that's exactly what you've been focusing on as well. Why can you do it better than Joe Biden? Well, you know, I'm running for president because Donald Trump has been fueling this national crisis of division and it's taking our country backwards and the answer is not socialism. In Colorado, we were able to bring business and nonprofits together. Democrats and Republicans to get almost universal health care coverage, to become the number one economy in America and to beat the NRA with tough gun laws. I've been an entrepreneur and governor and most of my adult life I've been able to bring people together again and again and get tough, Progressive things done. I think it's time to replace the nonsense in Washington with some commonsense. You say the answer is not socialism. Obviously that appears to be a reference to Bernie Sanders. Are you confident that this consensus building is exactly what Democrats are looking for? Lot of the most energized voices in the party are saying it's time for big, bold, even radical solutions? Well, you know, I spent my whole life as I said bringing people together and getting big, Progressive things done. Colorado is almost the number one -- it's the number one economy in the country. We achieved almost universal health care coverage and we beat the NRA with tough, tough gun laws. I think the real challenge here is how do we get that nonsense that's taken over Washington and replace it with commonsense? Tomorrow, you'll be laying out your foreign policy. Part of that speech is, you call out your fellow Democrats. Some Democrats are recoiling from past American foreign political mistakes by looking to withdraw from our floral leadership. Donald Trump's isolationist and reckless foreign policy has actually made our country less safe. His tariff wars have hurt our economy and trump and some in my own party -- Who are those in your own party? Well, I don't want to name names. But they have withdrawn they would have withdraw from global engagement and that would make usless safe. The only way to full security is constant engagement and by reviving U.S. Leadership we actually make our country safer but we also make it more prosperous. You say you're not going to name names. You're running for president against 22. Any of those you call for the retreat you're calling out right there? Almost all of the other Democrats, not all, but many of the other Democrats feel that we should back away from fair and open trade. I believe that only through, you know, constant engagement and building up that trade are we going to get to full security. I think as we revive U.S. Leadership we're able to not only make our country safer, but I said we'll be able to be more prosperous at the same time. When it comes to foreign policy vice president Biden touts his years of experience in senate and as vice president, our next two guests served in the military. What qualifies you to be commander-in-chief? In Colorado, I worked on the in-state deployment of the National Guard, worked closely with our military leadership around the operation of our six military bases including norad. I have gone out on a dozen economic development trips and built relationships with leaders. Places like Israel, we have had a partnership that addresses terrorism, cybersecurity, I mean, there's a long portfolio there of places where I have been engaged in active foreign affairs. You're at 1% -- 2%, George. 2%. Depending on the polls. You're right. Some 2%, some 1%. But in order to get any traction you'll have to start taking on these other candidates, aren't you? I think little by little. But, again, the focus -- I'm running because this country is in a national crisis of division. I look my whole life I have been able to bring people together and get stuff done. I think I'm the one candidate when you look at the long record what they've gotten done -- I can bring -- I really believe that I can bring commonsense where right now in Washington you see nothing but nonsense. Lot of Democrats concerned not only about the white house but trying to get the senate back. Chuck Schumer, the senate democratic leader has talked to you in the past about foregoing the presidential race and take on Cory Gardner for the senate. Any chance you'll do that? Well, I think I'd be -- be a difficult candidate as a senator. I spent my whole life putting teams together, both as an entrepreneur in the private sector. But also as a mayor and a governor. As building those teams, we have been able to bring people together and do the big, Progressive things that people said couldn't be done. That's the only way we'll be able to bring some commonsense to Washington. Governor hickenlooper, thanks for joins us. You bet, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is interviewed on \"This Week\" about his 2020 campaign priorities, and how he plans to break through a crowded field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"63133926","title":"Trump fueling 'national crisis of division,' taking country backwards: Hickenlooper","url":"/ThisWeek/video/2020-candidate-john-hickenlooper-63133926"}