ABC News' Terry Moran: Pres. Trump's 'got an agenda in the world which is disruptive'

The powerhouse roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
8:46 | 03/19/17

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Transcript for ABC News' Terry Moran: Pres. Trump's 'got an agenda in the world which is disruptive'
Back now with our "Roundtable." Joined by Terry Moran. Also New York sometimes white house soernt, Maggie Haberman. Roland martin. And Sara Fagen. Terry, you spend mes of your time in London. The white house sending out the bomb to London this week as well, embracing the idea that British intelligence spid on president trump. What went down there? Bewilderment and fury. The first thing was this spook, this spy agency, which never speaks. Not only did they speak. They spoke in the most undiplomatic terms. Utter nonsense, ridiculous. Don't believe it. When they got the apology call that were not apologies from the white house from general Mcmasters. That was strange. The first thing they did was call report es up and say, they've apologized, we're moving on from here. An hour later, when the white house said, real men don't apologize and said, we're not apologizing, they had to change their story. Maggie, you have been following the trump campaign for a long time. They don't apologize. Do you see any movement in the use, if you were watching Chris ruddy today, you don't, on how the president will get out from under this? No. We don't apologize. You're seeing that sin troem he has had as long as we is known him. Which doesn't really work in the white house. It worked in the campaigns. Does not translate to government. Trump is very, very frus ratrated by the Russia issue. The questions about the collusion. And the leaks. The leex are driving his crazy. He's long enforced nondisclosure contracts in his business dealings. He's used to being able to use his Twitter feed to change the story and push people somewhere else. I think you're seeing he keeps trying to do that. But it's a boomerang that will comes back and hits him in the head every time. If he's frustrated, stop lying. He said throughout, no business. No dealings there. His son says, millions pouring in. He then says, no, I didn't meet with anybody. We have proof he met with the ambassador. Flynn, no, no talks. Now, we have talks. He's been paid by Turkey. $34,000 speech in Russia. Mr. President, you and your team stop lying about Russia. Then folks might be able to move on. T a minimum, stop inflaming an issue that clearly the intelligence committee, no one in the intelligence community seems to believe the president on this topic. Stop inflaming it by furthering the store prip focus on where there is there there. Somebody leaked a transcript of general Flynn's comments. That is a crime. Somebody should go to jail for that. That's where they should be focused on. Not -- The only way to do that. I think you can't move on to other issues in the absence of some kind of retraction can you? No. You can't. And he will not do it. Here's the point. He's not going to do it. He's not going to do it. He won't retract. Apologize. But at a minimum, stop repeating claims people now believe to be false. This is where I think his staff is not always serving him well. Because essentially, you always have staff to be there to sort of protect the principle and find way to sand down the edges. In this case, you have a a press secretary whose role is you're not speaking for the president as his spokesman. You're seen as a spokesman for the country. You're reading these things and claims like about British intelligence agencies and so forth, they sound like they are being made as policy. I think they have had trouble as a group shifting. Because trump sits there and watches all the briefings and they're all doing thing for this audience of one as opposed to the broader world. Meanwhile mien time, you know Angela Merkel an terrae is a may want to get beyond it. Totally. He as a disruptive agenda. They want to come to terms with it. He's been September by the American people to change things. They're ready to do business with him. Teresa may is spectacular. She's on that side of the lernlg. It's like yik yak, that high school social media app. I heard somebody said something about him, about her. They're lost in the weeds of the adolescence out of Washington. The pri mire Mealing is we can't deal with this guy. I don't -- I mean, I think -- we'll see. I mean, the reality is, for all the noise around his comments and his tweets, the treasury secretary, Steve mnunchin is at a g-20 meeting and gets concessions from other countries in terms of the statement. It wasn't a big concession. Protectionism? Yes. At a minimum, people recognize that the United States is the most powerful country in the world. Most financially successful. And most importantly has the biggest military. There is a -- But people want to respect us. And when -- and I was raised to respect the presidency. It would be nice if Donald Trump could respect the presidency. We want the president to be trustful and people to go, I trust what he says. We can't trust him. I agree the president needs to be truthful. However, having lived slue a white house where people said George W. Bush makes the world -- the world doesn't respect the United States under George W. Bush. People from the opposite party always say that. The polls show that the sentiment is flip period ped. The white house is a laughing stock in the capitals of Europe. Our Alice, people are not going to want to deal with us. That's the phrase I have heard with, deal with the U.S. Even though they have to? Even though they have to. There's a risk in terms of the credibility potential crisis. These are all self-inflicted wounds. At some point, there will be some actual crisis. They'll need the public to believe them. Let me move on. Sara, you saw Dr. Tom price saying you have to look at the whole plan. The problem is getting it through the house. They have to move in a way far in the opposite direction of where Democrats want to go. Here's the thing. Necessity is the mother of invex. Republicans, after having campaigned for seven years on repealing and replaces owe bamacare have to come to terms with a bill that can get through the house and senate. To get it through the house, you have to do more medicaid cuts. Speed up the changes in medicaid to get it through the senate, you have to put more money into medicaid. I think conservatives in the house, while having been strongly opposed to the bill are now stage right things. They're looking at it. They're -- they're looking at amendments. I think president trump deserves some props here sflp he's working hard. He's working it very hard. He's going to be in Kentucky on Monday. Working behind the scenes. Not commenting on individual provisions. Republicans have no choice. They know the cost of lose in the house. As I'm watching the town hals. I've thinking about Malcolm ex. You've been led astray, run amok. To watch the white, working class voters saying, I voted for you. I'm going, we tried to tell you this is what the man said he was going to do. Now they're faced with the backlash of, now they love the affordable care act. Even though the numbers don't work, they want to believe the president. They do. They sent him to change this. One of the things theyn't whatted to change was Obamacare. The Republicans seem to want a political victory more than a policy victory. They'll do anything to get the repeal part. They don't have a replacement, it insurance pout. If it gets through the house, it will be a long, long slog in the senate. You have had a number of Republican senators make clear that this is not as incurrent form, in the shifting form, is still not something they can be with. They're not going to get democratic votes on this. The democratic base is in no mood to compromise. The president is working hard on this. He recognizes something has to get passed.

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{"id":46238391,"title":"ABC News' Terry Moran: Pres. Trump's 'got an agenda in the world which is disruptive'","duration":"8:46","description":"The powerhouse roundtable debates the week in politics on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/abc-news-terry-moran-pres-trumps-agenda-world-46238391","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}